3 frens = 1 best fren haha

Updated on Aug 25, 2009
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IslandChic77 's Thoughts:

Hi guys-
So i feel like having too many girls or girfrens=Drama I mean having girlfrens are great…at least having one or two or three can definitely be good for the soul. I use to think that we all need to have at least one perfect fren but unfortunately for me that never happen …
Well i did have a best fren we were frens for about 6 yrs we stopped talkin in febuary well long story short she was taking a nursing class and she asked me if she can inject me with a needle to practice..I told her no and that i was sorry, but i just wasnt comy with that.. but she got so mad she said i wasnt a best fren and that she will get her NURSING LISCENCE WITH OR WITHOUTME" can you believe the nerve of her …forcing me to do something i didnt want…neway we exchanged some pretty bad emails to each other and she told me to loose all contact with her..then a month later she emailed me sayin we should put it in the past but …i never replied back…I kinda feel like i dont need a person like that in my life …she actually told me that i was a baby n that i shoulld “MAN UP” because i didnt want her to poke me with a EFFIN NEEDLE wtf? so i completely cut all ties with her…
so now i realize that i have 3 really good frens that I love something about I have one fren that I can talk about everything with i have known her for years… I have a another fren that I can shop with and go to the clubs with n shes obsessed with takin pics too:) then my other fren we can talk about important things like school life etc …and all three combine into a perfect best fren hahah plus i have some other random ones on the side lollol Plus I have my hubby which totally makes it complete.. sounds like a good meal doesnt it hahah

Newho lol I toook these pics during my lunch break i met up with my fren that I can shop with lol…we were actually suppose to just have lunch and chat in the park but we ended up seeing a “SALE” sign lmao and guess what we both ended up buying boyfreind blazers which i so wanted…

quickie bout the fit I love this dress it feels silky very light material it came with a black belt but that wlda made it too dull n boring so i chose my brown H&M belt n i loved it..do u? oh n i bought those shoes recently n guess what it was a perfect match …gosh:) oh n my yellow aldo bag fro a pop of color!!!

xoxoxo guys till next time
og btw teh taxi driver was so mean lol he was driving away as i was taking these pics lollol …i guess he was mad i was using it as a prop lol

Comments (45)

BellaDominique on August 17
great print
SarahJaneR on September 14
officially making this a favorite
PreciousPink on September 09
Love the dress!!!!
theartofbeauty on September 07
super cute LOVE the shoes.
lyndzie on September 04
very cute, love the heels !
NickieSIXX on September 02
OMG, this post cracks me up....all the lady drama! But yeah, a few good friends is all a girl needs--oh and a cute dress like you're wearing here. I'm laughing that the cabbie was trying to drive away--haha, he clearly needs to make some money, not wait around so you can take your pics. So funny.
phparayno on September 02
i love love love LOOOOOVE your dress!! :D
sarah_monet on September 01
very cute
MzMona on August 31
I soo love this entire set-up!!
IslandChic77 on September 03
thx mama
kellbellxo on August 31
oh i loveeeeeeeeeee this! so cute, and classic!
Nika_Rose on August 30
the yellow cab went perfectly with your outfit, my mom always says "if you have one true friend, you have a lot". Experience has taught me that her statement is very true.
IslandChic77 on August 31
u r so rite...th x4 the advice
UnoCosa on August 29
i have to say that the yellow cab make a darn good backdrop .... i love new york with all the sun ... but guess it's about to end soon :-((( xoxo
RebekahChristie on August 28
HoneyBunny on August 28
You look great dear! Love those shoes<3
chocolatepuddin on August 28
i like!
xrosaaaaaaa on August 27
LOVE THAT DRESS! you wear it so well! love that your taking the pics with a taxi! ha ah so cute
ThuggBunn33 on August 27
im not gonna lie! im hating! i have this same dress... i never thought to wear it with a different color other than black. u look great! so cute! dont look at my pic of this dress... lol! yours is killing mine :o( lol!
IslandChic77 on August 28
hahhaha thx lol
laxmi27 on August 27
cool dress!
districtofchic on August 26
Amazing photos and I love that dress so much! I love how you paired it with the tan accessories!!
IslandChic77 on August 28
thx so much:)
sporadic_haidrofilik on August 26
i love ur dress girl!
Guatencanta on August 26
i like how your outfit stands out in front of the yellow taxi!!!! awesome combo! pd. i agree with you= i think every friend has something unique and sometimes is better to have many really good friend instead of a supposed bff that truly isnt... :)
da_Di on August 26
soooooo cute dress! you look amazing!
IslandChic77 on August 28
thx mwahz
FoxyBlonde on August 26
cool bag and love your shoes...perfect dress for you !
Lexa on August 26
always stunning..love the color babe..
IslandChic77 on August 28
thx lexa
nanillz1 on August 26
seems like you found the perfect equations for style and friends, lol.
IslandChic77 on August 26
lol i sure did:)
Jasna on August 26
Luv ur pic!! = my chic vote and I agree about ur friend, 3 friends rolled into one is awsome!! xx
IslandChic77 on August 26
thx gurl!! n yea 3 frens make one really awesome one :)
GermanUschi on August 26
angelsanddemons96 on August 26
love your bag!:)
Nypos on August 26
Haha, love that colour match of your bag and the taxi :) The driver had to be really wierd to drive away from such a good-looking girl like you :) Love your accessories with the belt and shoes!
IslandChic77 on August 26
hahah yea how cld he drive off lol guesshe wa spissed cuz my fren took a pic too ...glad u liked the outfit n thx 4 reading:0)
Rica on August 25
I love your outfit dear!
IslandChic77 on August 26
thx Rica
deni on August 25
ahhh i luv it!!!
IslandChic77 on August 26
aww thx
alyssagabrielle on August 25
I love your shoes and your dress! Lovely. *u* Well, about your ex-best friend - yes, you do not need a person like her in your life, most definitely. :) I envy you for finding such awesome friends now - lucky you! You deserve them. /o/ About the taxi driver: LOL. :D xx
alyssagabrielle on August 26
Awww. Carpe diem, dear. Stay optimistic... and chic! :)
IslandChic77 on August 26
yea i had to finally realize that i didnt need her ...i was sad 4 awhile especially wen i wld hear a song or sumthin that reminded me of her but i have moved on n i have 3 great frens now that care about me:) n not funny about the cab lol
youwhos on August 25
Great dress!
jeroy on August 25
ow. that's really sad.. but at least you have yer new (true) friends now... love yer bag !!!
IslandChic77 on August 26
yea dat was a sad story but as they say thinsg happen 4 a reason rite:)
monicaw on August 25
oooh i love this outfit! the shoes are stelllar
pemora on August 25
oh my...i really love this dress. and i cannot believe that your friend would get mad b/c you didn't want a needle! how crazy....
IslandChic77 on August 26
yes shes very crazy ...ni saw her a month a go at a party too n we acted like we didnt even kno each other 6 yrs waisted
candydoll on August 25
Gorgeous dress!!!
Shabby_chic on August 25
Love the dress, fantastic color contrast to the cab!
IslandChic77 on August 26
thx maggiey ..N im really coming over for the white dress:)
dustyrosevintage on August 25
perfect to pose in front of a yellow cab with the blue in that dress!
IslandChic77 on August 26
yea i didnt even realize until i was dun taking the pic
sochizzy on August 25
this is hawt :] love the burnout dress . shoes totALLY hot
IslandChic77 on August 26
thx hunnie so sweet of u
Etceteravs on August 25
oh perfect! loved that dress and the belt looks wonderful, so much better than black and it matches the shoes! oh and the bag + bracelet combo! yeah, you made your thing :D about your friend, i would do the same, wtf? if she wants, she could try it on herself! and about the 3 friends, haha you are lucky girl! and i laughed so much to the taxi driver :D i think he kinda had a point :D hahahaha
IslandChic77 on August 26
hahhahau had me dying laffing wen i read this lol especially wen u sed "wtf" lmao i literally cld picture ure face saying that too lol.. love ya gurl
LanaD on August 25
omg!!!!!!! i love this picture, cute dress!!!
IslandChic77 on August 26
thx babes
MaLu80 on August 25
Lovely outfit!!!!Gorgeouse!!!!
IslandChic77 on August 26
thx hunnie
jill_chris89 on August 25
luv da dress! i kno how u feel about ur friend...been there!
IslandChic77 on August 26
thx jill...n sorry u had to go thru that too with yer fren:(
nathanielt148 on August 25
love the pics and the dress..I like the look contrasting with the taxi cab!
IslandChic77 on August 26
thx nate
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