We got kicked out the movies..WTF?

Updated on Aug 22, 2009
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IslandChic77 's Thoughts:

HI Guys-
lol yes the title is right the hubbz N I got kicked out the movies…i swear in all my life this never happened to us Lmao.. Okay so theres this Theater that we go to all the time its called NEW ROC CITY. and in the past we would go there early like 11am or so and we would stay there all day and watch like 3 or 4 movies we we were young so we had nothing to do on the wkds plus we never had to sneak, everyone at the theater wld just walk into the next theater right in front of security and it was no big deal…we loved it there plus the arms on the seat could go up so we always cuddled lol…

neway we haven’t been to this theater in about 4 or 5 months so we decided to go and we were suppose to watch 4 movies..District 9.,GI Joe, Hangover & Time Travelers Wife but when we got out of the first movie we realized there was tons of security everywhere but there was no way we were just gonna see one movie lol. so the guard stopped us when he saw us looking around n then James made up some lie that I lost the tickets n that we are here to see the 6:10 Gi joe n i had to play along anyway they believed us n we watched GI Joe..neway after that movie we wanted to watch hangover at 8:05pm but then we got stopped again n used the same story on another guard lol lol n he believed omg but then the same two guards from b4 that allowed us to see Gi joe saw us again ..n we lied n told them we were going to the bathroom so neway 5 mins into hangover those same two guards came in to look for us it was so embarrassing guys ..they called us out the theater n everyone was looking at us…lol…then they were yelling at James then they told the other guards that we are not allowed ever in that theater again ..omg so so embarrassing lol …n they escorted us out …
when we got out side we laughed n laughed so hard cuz the whole situation was a lil funny u have to admit then we looked at each other n said "WE GOT KICKED OUT OF THE THEATER WTF? but we did fool those guards tho:) at least we saw two movies!!!

Ok so a quickie about the outfit Im wearing my new Fedora hat which i love so much I paid 5 bux for it can u believe? its an off white color. i decided to wear all white with gold to keep everything neutral n i loved it do u? ok till next time thanx 4 reading thought ill share my story.

Comments (35)

Amajoh on September 26
Luv the story, lol...
jaylalikescake on May 21
hahaha I agree with fashaholic... so funny!
thesweetvanity on December 26
love your hat miss
fashaholic on August 27
Man, I wasn't about to read your story because it was so long but I read it and it's hilarious! :)
IslandChic77 on August 28
hahhaha see imagine u didnt read it:)
SonaKosia on August 25
i like that hat.... cute
IslandChic77 on August 25
nikiadams on August 24
haha, your story is so funny :) hehe. Cute outfit too!
IslandChic77 on August 25
lol thx hun!
sochizzy on August 24
lmfao @ the story . other than that , awesome outfit
IslandChic77 on August 25
thx mwahz
LanaD on August 24
u look stunning!!!! love yor shirt!!!!!!!!!!!
maxkikojones on August 24
love iit
districtofchic on August 24
Love all the white and what a cool hat!!!
Eve_n on August 23
very fab! that fedora suits you so well :)
melmo on August 23
haha great story! you look so good. great hat you are wearing.
IslandChic77 on August 23
thx hunnie...glad u like the story
jeroy on August 23
oh dear.. i need you fedora. love the color !!!
IslandChic77 on August 23
okay come over so u can borrow it:)
dyg on August 23
really great shirt .. I love...
IslandChic77 on August 23
mwahz thx
MaLu80 on August 23
Great look!!!!Oh yesterday I bought my first Panama Hat and i can't wait to wear it!!!This is a great idea!
IslandChic77 on August 23
thx dear I cant wait to see u in it..im sure it will look great!
beckyxoxo on August 23
aww that was funny ! haha . love your outfit :)
monicaw on August 22
the hat is balllin
forjjonly on August 22
Loved your sotry, and love your style! You 2 are such a cute couple!
IslandChic77 on August 22
awww thx hunnie
dustyrosevintage on August 22
love the white and gold!
IslandChic77 on August 22
thx dear
sillylittlebead on August 22
not crazy about the outfit but i love ur movie story...haha i used 2 sneak in all the time
furore on August 22
cute story and great outfit ^_^
UnoCosa on August 22
girl ... the all white is so very fabulous on you, love the fedora as well!!! xoxo
IslandChic77 on August 22
thx so much..never thought i wld like hats but i sure like this one:)
nikky_o on August 22
hahaha i love the story...! and great fedora!
IslandChic77 on August 22
lol im glad u did:)
Etceteravs on August 22
oh my god! what a wonderful couple that could laugh all these! wow you are made for each other! you are so funny! and, wel girl, next time you try something like this, you should try to look less striking! you just look perfect! i loved your necklace and fedora so much! is this that fedora, hides the unwanted things on your facE? :D
IslandChic77 on August 22
yea its good wen ure with someone that has the same sense of humor lol i couldnt believe when he said i gave my wife the tickets im like omg hes such a liar hahahha lol at least we saw two tho rite:) glad u liked the outfit! xoxoxo
laartjunkie on August 22
Cute outfit! & yes, that is embarassing! haha I might blush the whole time being escort out & same as you, I might crack up later. But wow, you got the guards fooled & you did it twice! haha
IslandChic77 on August 22
yes i was blushing so much i was putting my head down like a little child being yelled at lol but yay i fooled those idiots twice
Lexa on August 22
Lol its ok babe..i guess the white outfit didnt do justice to the lil white lied ure about to do for the 2nd time around..BTW u look divine in those white..xxx
IslandChic77 on August 22
hahahah thx lex!
deefined on August 22
Oh my goodness; my first time coming across you & I already love you; your stories are hilar & your outfits are adore. New follower!
IslandChic77 on August 22
awwww ure too sweet dear well im glad ure gonna be a follower lets see if u keep ure word:) xoxo
elizabethmd on August 22
Haha I do that too with my boy! I've never been kicked out though. We usually just see two though, so it's a little safer. Anyay, very cute outfit. I love the hat.
IslandChic77 on August 22
yea i think two is good lol dont want that to happen ever again:)
da_Di on August 22
hilarious!! ahaha you and your stories! love it! you look so chic love the hat darl. <3
IslandChic77 on August 22
thx babes lol glad u thought it was funny:)
loveMaegan on August 22
love it!
IslandChic77 on August 22
Nypos on August 22
Oh poor you! I've never been kicked out anything, but I could imagine how embarrasing it would be :) Anyway, you look great in white and that hat is just plain perfection :)
IslandChic77 on August 22
yea poor me im so mad too cuz i really wanted to watch the last movie time travelers wife ::sigh::
pemora on August 22
hilarious story! we were JUST in new roc too....love the white outfit. always so stylish, even when getting kicked out of places...LOL!!!!
IslandChic77 on August 22
hahahah dont ever go back there i repeat NEVER!!! lol thx lets hope that's the last time that im kicked out of somewhere:)
Ambrosia on August 22
hahaha..daaaaaaaaaangggg atleast you took it with humor..id have cried..or begged..so they let me watch the rest hihihi but dang..you guys seem like real fun people..:Dyour HUBBZ does this with you?? love the outfit
IslandChic77 on August 22
hahaha i know rite i shlda cried lol ...nah but they were really mad at us
legitstyle on August 22
haha thats so great. love this outfit too
IslandChic77 on August 22
thx hun
nanillz1 on August 22
Too funny. You looked great while being escorted out.
IslandChic77 on August 22
lol thx
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