The Mean Streets of BK--

Updated on Aug 16, 2009
H&M blazer - Express blouse - Express jeans - Nine West shoes - H&M accessories
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NickieSIXX 's Thoughts:

—or lack there of if you live in my neighborhood-there’s nothing mean about Park Slope other than the over population of screaming bratty kids and little whiny babies.

Wore this to some bars on Friday night, just met up with the boys-so it’s perfect attire for a dive.
The outfit allows me to just hang and drink beers with the best of them, yet the beaded tank allows me to hold on to a bit of my femininity.
Turns out it was way too humid for a jacket, so I shed it immediately-but it was a good attempt to pull myself together, even if it was too hot. (As my last post proves, I’m not always one for practical clothing).

I also pulled my hair over into a side pony-don’t do that too often cause the short side always falls out, a few bobby pins took care of that. Plus, I didn’t have much time to shower and get ready-just came straight home from work and had to whip up something with my ratty mess of hair.

Sometimes, ok all the time these days, I really appreciate a nice easy evening out in my neighborhood. I think I’m getting older or something, I just don’t have it in me to head back into Manhattan for a 4am all-night doozy.

The entire weekend summed up on the blog

PS-nevermind that yellowing bruise on my right bicep in the 2nd photo-that’s from my awesome bike crash last weekend. (You can check that story here )

Comments (10)

spacey09 on July 20
Very classic look!
inbugsdrawers on August 20
Nice bag!
Guatencanta on August 17
i like the red flower on your hair! classy
IslandChic77 on August 17
love ure hair:)
pemora on August 17
your outfits make me so angry at the nyc humidity and so ready for pre-fall...
Jasna on August 17
U always look amazing in Jeans Nickie!! = my chic vote and looks like it was lots of fun!! xx
NickieSIXX on August 17
Well thank you Jasna, you always look amazing in layers!!!! Oh and I mentioned you in my blog because I love your style and I have a friend in Capetown right now, so I thought of you. (
slight_ingenue on August 16
these jeans look great on you!
blonderedhead on August 16
i've been having a back and forth debate about safety in brooklyn vs safety in sf w/ fellow sfers and nyers. no winners yet, but im thinking sf is safer. however, it sounds like so many brooklyn neighborhoods are gentrified now.
NickieSIXX on August 17
Oh, and I Soooooooo hope you intern here next summer! that would be so rad. We will of course meet-up then, rock out to Meatloaf, hang out, whatever. And duh, why have I not added you as a fave yet? WTF-consider it done, as I go and add you now!
NickieSIXX on August 17
Don't be fooled, I was being sarcastic when I called my 'hood's streets "Mean"....I live in a neighborhood so full of young 30 something year olds, babies, strollers, and some hipsters sprinkled in there for good measure-BK is so freakin safe it's not even a worry. (There are some shady areas for sure, but you quickly know where and where not to go).
blonderedhead on August 16
by the way, (crossing my fingers) im hoping to intern in manhattan next summer! we'll have to meet.
Rica on August 16
jeroy on August 16
you look amazing, love yer shoes, pants, & blazer!!!
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