Funny What a Little Red Lipstick Can Do

Updated on Aug 11, 2009
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JUKILOVE 's Thoughts:

Long time no post; three weeks? Well it isn’t because I’ve been busy with anything, I didn’t touch my Juki for most of the time. I really don’t know what I’ve been doing, just moping I guess, I am rather in the moping mood.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been scared, just been hiding in my room. I feel guilty when I eat, especially when it’s ‘luxury’ food like blueberries, muffins, junk food. I feel like my dad doesn’t understand what kind of predicament we’re in. I mostly feel bad for my mom, she’s worked so hard to buy a nice house. I get angry when I’m in my basement (where my Juki is) and downstairs, just seeing all the junk that my dad’s wasted money on. What will we do with it if we do have to sell the house? I should seriously consider secretly ebay-ing it all.

I’ve been racking my mind about how to make things better. I have to go to school soon and I’ll have less time to do anything. I’ll already be working on campus but I’ve been trying to find another job. I feel like it’s so futile, I’m praying to get a job in a lab on campus, but I have so little experience in that field. I’ve been procrastinating writing cover letters for this reason, but my mom urges me on for the slight chance that luck will be on my side. If not, I’ll try for just some odd jobs; grocery store, restaurants, but my mom will disapprove in case it jeopardizes my studies if I do.

I wanted to show you my denim vest in this post. It’s a worn pair of jeans, for some reason I always get holes in inconvenient places. Maybe I’ll show the tutorial on how to make it some day.

Comments (33)

megamax on October 17
like this!!! very flirty!
ohame on April 17
I love the photos!!! Your blonde hair is amazing (:
JingForonda on November 11
very cool...
lusciouslygeek on August 24
aweeee i love these photos!!!! & such an amazing skirt :)
unpetitlapin on August 24
How long did it take you to get your hair that colour? I've bleached mine four times in the past and the closest to blonde it would go is light orange. I'm jealous!
JUKILOVE on August 24
My natural hair is light for an Asian and is kind of thin. So I only went to the salon once for this. They bleached it entirely (except the roots) and reapplied to bleach the roots. I think I sat there a few good hours though.
purly on August 21
i really like this! the dress is so sweet!
xrachhhx on August 20
Love this!
Pardeese on August 19
Great picture, I love the lighting.
weeja on August 14
CamiloLocura on August 13
love it
Narmina on August 13
Oh dear, I understand you! My family is in very similar situation now. I just ended studies+without work...feel so guilty and desperate sometimes:(( But I believe that things will get better soon! I wish you the same too!!! p.s. you look very very cute here! Like a little princess!I love this light skirt and denim vest!:)
JUKILOVE on August 14
It actually makes me really happy when people have optimism for my situation. It may sound a bit bad, but I'm glad I'm not alone. I guess I kind of forgot about positivity. *fingers crossed for both of us.
MySaraHsb on August 13
so adorable! love your poses!! :)
annemarie on August 13
Cute picture, I love the vest. I hope everything will be okay soon.
kaitlindawn on August 12
very cute <3
ThomasWylde on August 12
Nice picture
Dheyzhere on August 12
Makes me wanna change my hair color..^__^Nice pic..Nice look..Lovely..
Guatencanta on August 12
CUUTE! very lovely look and blonde hair looks great on you!
pinklady_apple on August 12
soooooooooo cute :3
Mariemma on August 12
Just great;you look like an angel :)
jeroy on August 11
love this pic!! yer sooooooo adorable!! & i miss yaa. :D
UnoCosa on August 11
obh! gorgeous girl... this is totally fairy-tlae like.... and stop worrying.... it is so nice you concern - but don't bey paralyzed by fear.... always do the best you can and keep hope high ... and yes, getting a job is the best thing you can do and be able to jog between work and study is a skill one must learn... and hope your mother will understand.... either case, you are beautiful, i love it,
JUKILOVE on August 12
You're right, moping does nothing. I'll try hard. Thanks for your encouragement, really does make me feel better.
jessikerr on August 11
love your vest. you are so talented. hope everything works out for you sweetie :)
JUKILOVE on August 12
Thank you, your support is awesome.
Ivey on August 11
cute pic! love the dress
candydoll on August 11
Lovely skirt!
lolitsvictoria on August 11
love the vest, :D
WickedPlumVintage on August 11
such a lovely photo! love the dreamy white dress with the denim vest!
sarahs on August 11
pretty dress, love it with the vest!
youwhos on August 11
Great picture! I love your white dress... And I need to try red lipstick! <a href=""></a>
monicaw on August 11
awww so prettty and i hope the job sitch looks up :)
JUKILOVE on August 12
Thank you, encouragement means a lot to me.
ohthegrandeur on August 11
Wow. You are amazing. Your hais is ABSOLUTELY epic, and I love it an amazing amount. Blueberrys aren't that luxury - but blueberry we're talking :) You're awesome, and I like you. x
beautifulfall on August 11
this is so beatiful, you really do look like an angel.
BenitaGarlim on August 11
love your outfit, especially with the hair. i hope things will be better for you and your fam. i am thinking of getting an apprenticeship at the lab soon so i can work there in the future. but i ll have to write essays and stuff to get in. urgh
JUKILOVE on August 12
Looks like we're in a similar boat. It'll pay off though. Good luck!
Naso on August 11
i love the photos you look like an angel ^
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