Updated on Aug 03, 2009
black patent pumps Target shoes - pink sequin H&M dress
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queenelizabeth 's thoughts:


It’s been a while.

New York was amazing – the month went by really fast and I was sad to leave, although hopefully I’ll be back soon. I did a lot of shopping (obviously) and managed to hit up thrift stores in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and New Haven (I took a tour of Yale on the way back home). More on that later…

This isn’t really an outfit that I wore somewhere – I just wanted to put on a dress and heels and dance around for the camera a bit, something I haven’t done in a long time. The dress is new, from H&M on sale. It really reminds me of Twiggy, and the 60’s in general – when I get a chance (aka when it’s not too ridiculously hot to wear something creative) I’m going to put together an awesome 60’s outfit with this dress.

I didn’t take any outfit photos in New York, and it turns out that taking photos from Facebook and cropping out everyone else (to protect the innocent, duh) doesn’t produce the best quality photos – but here are a few.

1. July 4th – I wore red, white and blue! If I was at home I would have put together something really spectacular and crazy, but since I needed to be just a tiny bit practical (we went to Battery Park to see Conor Oberst and Jenny Lewis, and sitting on the ground was involved) I wore my sailor sweater, red heart sunglasses, a blue headband, and my awesome new late 90’s/early 00’s tacky denim shorts (more on that later!)

2. My class went on a field trip to PS1 – they have this super cool installation (?) that looks like a pool, but it’s actually an inch of water on top of glass, and a room underneath that people can go into and be “under” the water. Pretty neat stuff. So this is me in the pool, grinning from the sheer awesomeness of it all.

3. So we went shopping and my friend had to return something at Juicy so me and my other friend goofed off and took photos in the fitting rooms. Fun fact: The fitting rooms at Juicy are ridiculously plush and silly and fancy-schmancy – yeah, we had fun.
I’m wearing my 50’s-style bathing suit under a sheer UO tee, a high-waisted skirt that is now too small in the waist (damn Pop-Tarts) and my precious Payless heels.

Oh funny story – I was walking back from class and this girl behind me was like “I love your shoes! Those are the Marc by Marc Jacobs ones, right? Are they comfortable to walk in?”
and I was like “um, no…These are from Payless. They cost $9. But thanks!” At least I’m fooling some people… I think that’s a good thing…

More on New York, my purchases, etc. later… Right now I’m doing various sewing projects, being lazy, and studying to get my learner’s permit…We’ll see how that goes.


Shuxi on February 08
nice photos!
cata_c on August 14
lovely! i love your style :)
KristaniA on August 06
wow, thats THE nude dress! i love how you paired with a simple pair of patent pumps! CLASSIC CHIC ala Audrey Hepburn!
ellioe on August 06
what a cute dress
coloraccident on August 06
That dress is really cute! :)
carlaloo on August 05
Welcome back! Glad you had a good time in New York. :)
Dheyzhere on August 05
Finally, u r back..u have so much fun in new york, right??But as always, u look so stylish in every condition..hehe
kellympreston on August 04
Mmm, starting to fall in love with pink all over again.
libys11 on August 04
so twiggy-ish!!!! you look perfect in this style!!! love it!! just so chic all the time!! welcome back! :D
maggiemay on August 04
gorgeous! and welcome back!
kashuler on August 04
I love that dress. And I am really jealous you got to see Jenny Lewis. I adore her.
missredhead on August 04
i love the cute white shift. the sunglasses are so cute! the water thing is really cool.
Guatencanta on August 04
love your dress!
cereza_liebe on August 04
what a cute dress.. lovely
cuppateamachine on August 04
I adore the shade of your dress (amazing how it's so near your skin color). love love the classic clean but not boring look of your err look. so awesome :)
Amandas_Armoire on August 04
I always love your photos. What kind of class did you take?
coldlight on August 04
the trip sounds really fun!! love the simplicity of this outfit :)
letsdotheCATWALK on August 04
Classy chic!
Soulclaire on August 04
glad to c u back any way really cute and comfy outfit ..i love it !!
lissakahayon on August 04
Glad you enjoyed your trip!!!! I love this, so classy!!!!
Rinnie on August 04
lesnemo on August 04
Love the nude color and the black shoes work surprisingly well with this.
melephant13 on August 03
I have that dress! But the sequins keep scratching and bothering my arms...
sporadic_haidrofilik on August 03
love ur dress!!!
calivintage on August 03
hooray i'm so glad you're back!!!! i missed your posts! and you look adorable in that dress! love it!
robinseggblue on August 03
ahhh! so cute. I have that dress in black and creme.
nadiakamballa on August 03
love the color of the dress... you look gorgeous...
lifeinsideamusicbox on August 03
that dress is adorable and the absolute perfect color. can't wait to see it in a 60's outfit! :)
lexi951 on August 03
gorgeous dress!
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