from whence was ripped, some dizzy whore, 1804?

Updated on Aug 02, 2009
from whence was ripped, some dizzy whore, 1804?
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ohthegrandeur 's Thoughts:

I swear my house could qualify for an assault course on ’It’s A Knockout’ or ‘Takeshis Castle’ or whatever. My dads starting building a wardrobe, and there is wood, nails and scary looking electric instuments all over the place. I go to get a drink at 1am and it’s like completing a herculian trial.

So, after yesterday’s absolutely dire post – I thought today might be a smidgen better. I’m still feeling super blerch, so please bear with me. Today I went to a sunday lunch with the family, thing is…I’m a veggie. Well, Flexitarian. So while everyone else was tucking into their big ol’ pieces of lamb – etcetera, etcetera – I was given the subsitute of potatoes, gravy, yorkshire puddings and about a years supply of broccoli. Oh well, I enjoyed the yorkshire puddings and gravy.

What I wore wasn’t exactly ’Sunday’s Best’ as its called, but still – they seemed to like it. They liked my ‘glittery cape’, or bolero as we shall know it. I felt a little over the top, but hey – better to feel over dressed than under…right? :/

After the weather continuing to be a mother bitch, I feel now is definitely the time to find a new umbrella. I’m getting desperate.I’ve seen ones in boots that are fine, but are £22. For a bit of metal, fabric and wood in a funny shape. I dont think so. No. Shut your cake-hole. I’m still using my grandma’s old one, its so beautiful and delicate – i’m so worried that i’m going to break it.

Thanks again to all of you who commented on my last post – I was only expecting about five, mostly consisting of…“I’ve seen better” and “Jesus love, go lie down for a bit or something.”, but I got some lovely comments – you’re all amazing, and I love you. Also thanks to those who have added me as a friend/become a fan, (that still excites me)/messaged me. You guys are so lovely, and so irritatingly gorgeous.

Muchio Lovio. x

P.S. The ‘glittery cape’ has a pink ribbon tie on it. I’m not sure whether to leave it, or to go buy some black/gold ribbon so it actually ‘goes’ with it!? What do we think?

Umbrella: Vintage, Grandmas.
Sequined Bolero: River Island
Top: H&M, Military Detail DIY Sewn On.
Skirt: H&M
Rolled Down Knee Highs: Primark
Boots: Vintage, Buttons DIY Sewn On

Comments (43)

JazSugar on January 19
chic +1!
KelseyBekah on March 13
NovaBaby on August 14
I absolutely love that shoot, I love the whole look and feel of the outfit, the background's colors and feel, and the whole darn thing! <3
splashofcolour on August 12
This look is amazing. I bought the exact same bolero and top last weekend and was a little unsure on how to wear the bolero, so this is a big inspiration
banaANAS on August 11
!! i love this you have such a cool garden and style! i love your make up you look so delicate! and then your eyes are so fierce! love the top!! and umbrella as well!
thats_so_audrey on August 06
very adorable. i love the top and cape. you have a really chic style.
LipGlossMagazine on August 05
tattycat on August 05
I'm loving the sequin shoulders! For some reason, the second picture reminds me of Alice in wonderland!?! =) x
coloraccident on August 03
That outfit is so amazing! And your pictures is really great to. :)
kashuler on August 03
Very cute caplet.
jessikerr on August 03
oh gosh your bolero is so rad. you take amazing photos btw!
teeffany on August 03
i love your outfits! they're wonderful. And, whoever takes/edits your photographs is awesome!! and of course, i definitely agree with you on how its always better to be a bit over dressed than it is to be under dressed! love it <3
ohthegrandeur on August 03
That would be me, actually. Haha! Thank you, very much. x
wynneprasetyo on August 03
adorable picture
MySaraHsb on August 03
you're so talented! i envy you.. :D love everything, the military DIY, your skirt too!! so chic!
Charleston on August 03
i'm always caught admiring your photography. the colours are so indulgent and vintage. as for the clothes; well they're a little perfect for this fairytale too. x
ohthegrandeur on August 04
Wowww. That was beautifully said, thank you very much! x
mariainez on August 02
youngbones on August 02
love your outfit. nice photos !
weeja on August 02
great photo, :D
projectrika on August 02
i love your photos. you look like you're in some enchanted forest land that belongs to you. i love your outfit too and that umbrella. OH and your hair is gorgeous. i really love it. gorgeous dear, love it.
ohthegrandeur on August 03
Haha, Thank you! If only it was an enchanted forest, not my garden...Oh well, I can still dream, right? x
districtofchic on August 02
These are such incredible photos. And an incredible look, too!
crazyirishlass16 on August 02
cool pictures!!
danadition on August 02
Great pic. Love the glittery cape!
rachelrenny on August 02
mmm the colors are so beautiful && i love that dress
ccla on August 02
i love the rich colours
aranell on August 02
So great! The brolly is the perfect touch <3
BenitaGarlim on August 02
that is an awesome dress!
dorianbubbles on August 02
I love the addition of that bright red umbrella :)
beautifulfall on August 02
The colors in this photo are surreal
heitmank on August 02
marileejoy on August 02
i love love your pictures. what kind of camera do you use?
marileejoy on August 02
awesomee :)! i have a friend who has one of those and she loves it.
ohthegrandeur on August 02
Thank you, you're very kind. I use a Samsung WB500, hope that makes sense? :)
dorotheasclosetvtg on August 02
sequins are great all day, every day. love the look and the photos!
odetoboombox on August 02
Oh wow. Thats amazing, love. I MISS RIVER ISLAND SOOOOO MUCH!!! x
dustyrosevintage on August 02
yeah, dirty good!
modedamour on August 02
beautiful outfit!
blonderedhead on August 02
i love the tim burtonesque vibe of your photos. great shots! bravo on being veggie too!
ohthegrandeur on August 02
Ahh, Tim Burton! I was told I looked like Helena Bonham Carter the other day. Didn't know whether or laugh, or cry. Veggie power, Phwoaarrr!
TheWonderShop on August 02
gorgeous shots, the last one is stunning, loooove the shoulder sequins
cereza_liebe on August 02
nice photo n great outfit!
NickieSIXX on August 02
I love your photo style, they look so dark and moody-it's great. And your style is amazing!
jeannegerbread on August 02
lovely photo! :)
lissakahayon on August 02
Your photos are always amazing and i super love that bolero!!!!
Nypos on August 02
Your pictures look brill, they have such a strange decadent vibe! I would definitely go for a golden ribbon, but that top looks gorgeous of its own. You are such an inspiration! :)
ohthegrandeur on August 02
Ohh wow, thank you :) Can't wait to see more of your pictures!
lady_eff on August 02
you did it again! not fair, it's not fair you look amazing for the second time, okay, this one way amazing than before, but still unfair :)
aya on August 02
pretty! it'd be great if you got more pictures from a more straight-on angle, so i could see your lovely outfit better! still, chic as usual! also..out of curiosity, how old are you?
ohthegrandeur on August 02
Haha! 18 and over. Yeahh, I get this a lot. I'm younger than 18, ahaha! It's good looking older for getting into gigs ect, but when attractive older guys start chatting you up, you never know when to say..."Yeahh, I'm actually only 7 years old you raging pervert." :)
aya on August 02
I'm always curious to know how old people think I am as well! Alright, well going off of the fact that it seems like you live with your parents...maybe 18? You look a little older though, but I'm not sure if it's because of the makeup or because you actually are older! Reveal yourself!
ohthegrandeur on August 02
Ohh, You wont! I'm always curious how old people think I am...
aya on August 02
I don't want to offend by guessing!
ohthegrandeur on August 02
Oooh, okay. I will try! Hmmm, I shall never reveal this! How old do you think I am? x
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