Looking Around, and what do you see??

Updated on Jul 28, 2009
From my mum scarf - Chloe top - - After Six
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UnoCosa 's Thoughts:

So, I didn’t make a big point in past 2 posts about my intention to do this 3-day mini series about how I tried to multi-funtionize the little black organza scarf ….. So, allow me to finish it off with today’s all black ensemble :-) (btw: tomorrow i will be doing the 2nd part of “Back the days”, so make sure you come back for some sparks, eye liner and retro hair do!!!)

Yesterday, CEES @ http://www.chictopia.com/CEES_ wrote in one of her comments to me about how her mother used to try to dress her the way that mother thought was good – it was a perfect prelude to the story behind this black scarf. You see, my mother is super stylish (haha, i don’t say this because she is my mummy – because she is always fashionable in her own sense of style :-) and i truly respect her for that) and she knows it!!! Therefore, she always took a great interest in giving me, or should i say imposing on me her stuffs, and took absolutely no “NO” for answer!!! Even though, China/America is 12 hours apart, she still managed to catch me in front the computer and web-camed me those “goodies” …. As you probably can guess, this scarf was one of the things that she thought would be so fabulous on me and could not wait to ship it all the way from China to the States …. I mean, the scarf probably costed over 200 yan, (Yes, she also has expensive taste;-), depending on the current exchange rate, the price tag can go up to about $70 – $80!!! …. Then, if you add up the shipment and insurance (she always does that), well, let us just say this became one of my most expensive scarf, haha!!!

Well, when i received this little baby in the mail…. seriously, i did not know what to say …. it is just simply so not me: I am no ruffle girl – especially not in all black, gothic-ish, poly-organza, with permanent crinkles all over …. and on top of that, it costed a fortune – i could have bought a pair of Victor & Rolf lace pump that i just saw days before from Century 21 (oh! if you ever come to New York, go there…. best discount store in the whole universe, and they are authentic :-) …. Still, knowing that my mother was eagerly waiting for me to wear it (remember?? she doesn’t take “no” for answer – besides, what could i do?? send it all the way back to china for return…..??? ) it was then when i decided to do this mini-series, in which i would experiment with the scarf and make it part of my wardrobe ….. Basically, it was my way to challenge things that i might not necessarily relate to initially – Yes, yes… i am emotional and i either like or don’t like something!!! But, end of day, after going through all the emotional high and low, i am truly a firm believer for “willpower”, meaning that one has ability to do all one can to change the current unsatisfied situation …. I might not be able ever stop my mother trying to spice up my wardrobe with her likes, but i can certainly try to keep an open-mind and add my personal flare to those items … And of course, such philosophy not only applies to my fashion but also to every part of my life ….

So to recap:
Day one: A Minimalist’s Oriental MashUp… Scarf was used as Obi-waistband for an oriental ethnic touch
Day Two: hands around me, i am feeling the love …. Scarf was used as turban for a 1920’s flapper style
Day Three: Looking Around, and what do you see?? Scarf was used as a ruffle top to add texture and volumes to the underneath halter top

Yesterday’s post was picked up by Chictopia for it’s Editor’s Pick …. So, thanks everyone at Chictopia for liking it :-) – i was so flattered and happy … But, of course, you guys are the ones really made the post standing out – without your participations, it would not have been anything more that a bunch of pictures and some random thoughts of me – so thank you my darling chictopians…..


Comments (36)

LyssBlondish on November 09
yimayima on July 19
bkao on August 06
love the first picture where you're in it twice!! your photographer friend is so talented, too!
UnoCosa on August 08
thanks brenda :-) ... yes, i think we a good team :)) pretty much do everything together: music, fashion, editing, graphic... you name it, haha!!! hope all well, xoxo
mimikissing on August 04
love love love..... the Edits! great composition!!! kisses
SanElia on August 03
what an interesting article. i am definitely going to try those out - btw: those pictures are so ethereal.... i don't know how you do it with all those black - but you did with such a grace!
SugarRockErin on July 29
Love your frothy blouse and the 3rd photo is really great!
dustyrosevintage on July 29
aw, that's awesome of you to try and incorporate the gift into your wardrobe. i should try that attitude the next time my dear mom sends me some monstrosity! great idea! and also, love the perspective play in this photo!
krazyk on July 29
love this look... :) :P
beautifulfall on July 29
well either way the scarf looks divine on your, i love your creative way of using the scarf as a shirt, (thats what i thought it was before i read your blog)
ankacookie on July 29
I love it!
jeroy on July 29
amazing..as always !! :0 love yer pics. :P
KaitSims on July 29
I really enjoyed your mini series and how you showed the versatility of the scarf! It's a great piece
plparayno on July 29
i love that chiffon top and the photos are really hot! xxx
Soulclaire on July 28
wowwww !!! i love this ...sweet boyish look.I wanna have my stylish mom like urs.I agreee with u ..dressing up is like to make fun with the styles..... ;)
amos_photography on July 28
ohhyour shoes are gorgeous!!! always good to get multi use out of a beautiful scarf :)
ferdimad on July 28
soooo hot!!
lissakahayon on July 28
Awww your mom is soooo cool!!!! I am a huge fan of all black so i love this so much!!!
Caaatherine on July 28
i'm MAJORLY impressed by how you turned a frilly scarf into such a versatile piece; you definitely make the "gothic-ish" scarf your own! and i love to read your personal stories, how they inspire your style.
coolkidfight on July 28
very very nice outfit and photos! :-)
WickedPlumVintage on July 28
oh i don't know about that...my step-mom dresses like a mom...in mom jeans and mom shirts...so no style there...and she never picks anything out cool for me...but your mom obviously has taste, cuz that scarf is sooooo pretty!
Sissy on July 28
this outfit is lovely, as all those that u show. You have to obey moms as they always know what is good for us ; ). See the scarf works, lol. very chic look love!
aika_Gay on July 28
wow love the first pic :D
noirohio on July 28
this is amazing!! xo
BenitaGarlim on July 28
Well, nonetheless, you made the scarf into your own style. it is gorgeous!
iamgeri on July 28
Scarf = versatile and chic!
kt_krazy on July 28
gorgeous. your look is pretty editorial babe. you style yourself ridiculously well.
mimikissing on July 28
what an interesting approach to scarf, so creative and so versatile! those pictures are magnificent! aside from clothing, they are simply great photos.
RebeccaAlex on July 28
you are magic. i think that is the word! each picture, you face looks glowing and the expressions were subtle, filled with emotions. i don't understand how you could take those pictures everyday in the morning? they all look like magazine shoot?? i truly enjoyed your writing. :D
Naso on July 28
i love this outfit !!!! its really cute !!! in a very funny way its tomboy ish !!! but still very feminine which i find very sweet !!!
Naso on July 29
awwwww thanx you !!! i miss posting too i be posting very very soon just !! been busy after this week i be free !!!! ^_______^ xoxox
UnoCosa on July 28
girl... i miss you!! where've you been??? xoxo
pemora on July 28
i absolutely love the stuff my mom picks out for me...not b/c its at all stylish (it usually isn't) but b/c i have to force myself to find a way to fit her items into my daily outfits....btw, have i told you lately how much i adore your pics?
UnoCosa on July 28
oh!!! Permora - how sweet of you to let me know that - and it truly made me happy!!! - and thank you for always responding my post w/ your own experiences....!!! love, love it, xoxo
windhaswings on July 28
i always thought the scarf looked really 'you'. it's strange to read this. but i guess it's the the you used it that made all the difference!
franloiacono on July 28
Another fun post to read!! :) Love how you managed to use the scarf, trying to make it somehow yours... :)
Guatencanta on July 28
greaat collage! cute photos and nice blouse!
UnoCosa on July 28
thank you darling :-) hope you will post some new pics soon, xoxo
Guatencanta on July 28
sorry i meant the expensive scarf hehe!
Ruslan on July 28
Classic and cool.
Etceteravs on July 28
Honey, don't worry about it, we will come back every time... Now we are addicted to you :) You style is so exciting! And this challenge! Wow, I just couldn't wear it but you struggled with it and won it :) But I'm sure your mother will be shocked when she saw these looks and won't recognize the scarf:) Loved the post and look, great post, thanks! Love you much! You are also so kind! :)
libys11 on July 28
gorgeous as usual!!!! :D the first pic is just awesome!!!!! the way you used that scarf in this post is quite outstanding coz it really looked like it was part of the top!!! :D good job!!! very chic, of course! :D
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