My Dear, We're Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

Updated on Jul 24, 2009
Made by JUKILOVE blouse - Miss Sixty skirt - shoes
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JUKILOVE 's Thoughts:

How do people keep their shirts tucked in so nicely? I was experiencing this very difficulty in taking these pictures. Also, can you tell that they’re taken at night opposed to most of my others taken in the day? Thus, I present horrible texture representation.

Too bad about the bad quality pictures because I wanted to show you chic-kies the lace tank top I made the other day. I’m wearing it with a white cami inside and a navy blue crop jacket I bought some years ago but only wore once because I bought it when it was out of fashion.

So why take pictures when there is such bad lighting? Well I was feeling rather ignored because my mother said she’d help me with my dress tomorrow. I started it last night, finished it today, until I realized that the skirt was uneven. Anyways, I can’t wait to show you.

My skin is horrible. You can’t tell from the pictures because frankly, my camera sucks. Every summer I get this pollen reaction where the skin around my lip chaps and starts to crack. Sounds gross, and it is gross. Well this year it’s quite worse because skin on my forehead, nose and under one of my eyes is following suit. I’m pretty nervous about it and don’t have an appointment with the physician until Monday. This is why I hermit in the summer.

Went to the library today and got these books:
Notes from Underground by Fyodor Dostoevsky – I actually wanted to get Crime and Punishment (because I read only a chunk of it in high school) but my crappy library didn’t have it, so I settled for something of the same author.
Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky- Not because I share my first name with the author, but unconsciously it probably is the reason I remember about this book. It’s about Nazi occupation, which I’ve never given a chance because it sounds so grim. I read a review about this book in some magazine I don’t remember and randomly saw it on a bookshelf, so I picked it up.

And since I remember, here’s my verdict on the books I told you about in a past entry.
Trimalchio by F. Scott Fitzgerald- I liked it, it helps that I actually understood it because reading The Great Gatsby the first time around, I was just confused and pressured that I would fail grade eleven English if I didn’t finish. Now I understand all the prose and symbolism, and what a gorgeous book it is.
1984 by George Orwell- I’m surprised I finished it in a week because a) it’s dystopia, I didn’t exspect myself to like it and b) when do I ever finish reading anything so fast?
All Families are Psychotic by Douglas Coupland- Didn’t finish it, maybe got into the second chapter and decided it’s not my kind of read. I don’t like to waste time on books I know I won’t like. It’s like watching a movie that you know will bore your brains out.

Comments (13)

mfay on August 13
Very cute! p.s. I'm really happy that you're tlaking about books on Chictopia! :)
kellynsung on August 07
aw cutee dearrr:) love ur shoes^^
alwaysinvogue7 on August 02
love that hair!
dorianbubbles on August 01
Cute outfit and I'm also a fellow ponderer about how people tuck in their shirts nicely.
Narmina on July 30
I love your jacket!:) And your hair color is just stunning!!!I never thought about myself with such hair color, but now...I'm so in loved with your hair:D You read Dostoevsky? That's so great!!!:) I'm Russian, so I was compelled to read his books at school, but some of them I still love:) And the other book, about nazi...I recommend you E.M. Remark-he's my favorite writer of those years:)
cereza_liebe on July 30
cool jacket
MySaraHsb on July 26
love that pumps! :)
UnoCosa on July 25
you are so tiny... i didn't realize how tiny you are.... you looks like a barbie doll straight out of fairy land, except you are wearing black skirt and jacket :-) ... adore proportion of this look - and the length of skirt is perfect!!! don't worry about tucking perfectly - if the top is short or the waistband is loose, there is nothing you can do - i actually like a little loose around waistline
igotsteeth on July 25
that jacket is fantastic! and your book choices are pretty cool too^^
iamgeri on July 25
Love the cropped denim blazer! :D
pinklady_apple on July 24
You look so cute with your hair :) and I love your heels and short jacket ^^
BrodyKushner on July 24
Corporate cute!
kellynsung on July 24
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