Lace Doesn't Stretch & Real Love Doesn't Waiver

Updated on Jul 20, 2009
Made by JUKILOVEs mother top - vest - Remade by JUKILOVE pants - shoes - H&M hat
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JUKILOVE 's Thoughts:

People say I’m OCD, but I say I don’t like sweaty palms. Be right back, I need to wash my hands.

I started on the lace tank top I mentioned two posts back. But of course I didn’t realize that lace will never stretch as much as anything knit, at least the lace I have. And of course I realize this when I’ve finish the entire piece. Resolution numero uno: replace regular side seam with snap button closure. Still didn’t fit, this is when I want my already small breasts to be smaller. Resolution numero deux: cut up the middle back and sew in a triangular panel. So far I’ve cut it, but I’m iffy about the panel, may look tacky? But I’ll probably be wearing a jacket over it more times anyways.

Outfit. Yes, I’m cheating, this is what I wore without the jacket a few posts back. But I didn’t have a chance to explain the whole outfit and it’s too late and dark to take a picture now. The inside white blouse, my mother made for me when I was in eighth grade. Still fits! A little tight though. The vest is actually from when I was a toddler. Also tight even though I took out the darts. It also has a pair of matching shorts, which I wear as pjs.

That painting I did in eighth grade, it’s one of three paints in which I used good paint because education boards are too cheap to let up some funding for the artsies. It’s been sitting in my garage/basement for all these years and I was sad thinking that my dad had thrown it out. One of my other paintings is still m.i.a, and the third is a wall mural that I haven’t visited in years.

In my second ever Chictopia post, I mentioned making a dress that will take a lot of inspiration from a Dior gown. I wanted to wear it to the semi formal end of next month, but news is I am to wear blue to match my team. So if I can finish the Dior-inspired dress in 4 days, I’d like to wear it on my birthday … as I trot around my house…

Ooh &, I just found out about threadbanger. And now I want to make my own undies. =P

Comments (14)

megamax on October 17
WOW. you and what you're wearing are so gorgeous!!
Mmmber on August 21
omg i want that vest. what a beautiful photo :)
CRiSPYlala on August 15
I love the vest!
BrodyKushner on July 30
Oops, I totally missed this one. I really like the vest and the newsboy's hat! The blond hair totally completes the look! I just found out about threadbanger from the forums! -Does snippy action with fingers-
kellynsung on July 23
cuttteeee:) u look like a japanase girl:)
Catherinee on July 22
Love this! And I do really like your painting :)
Anse on July 21
iamgeri on July 21
I love wearing something like that! :D It's effortlessly chic and classic! :D
MySaraHsb on July 21
great pumps!your hair is really cute and fits with that hat so much!
jeroy on July 21
amazing ! nice vest & shoesssssssssss :)
pinklady_apple on July 21
Wow you look really amazing! And...I love your cute black pumps so much!
igotsteeth on July 21
You're blond! This is what I get for being M.I.A. for the last days^^ Looks great and so do the shoes and well just generally everything :)
fashiongeometry on July 20
your hair looks super cute! and i love how you made your bows in the last post too, not to mention your outfit is well put together.
UnoCosa on July 20
girl... i love what you wrote - i can totally picture how you tried to find a solution and your brain just could not stop thinking, lOL!! so cute :-) BTW: snaps closure requires at least 3/8" overlapping - you can save at least 3/4" by using heavy hook eyes or loop-buttons, might be even more depending on size of closures, xoxo
JUKILOVE on July 21
LOL, at the point of trying snap buttons I was only worried about getting the thing over my shoulders. Inserting a panel worked out, but looks a bit funny in the back now, it's okay I'll be wearing something over it anyways. Thanks for the tip, you're definitely refining my skills.
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