Not Prim Enough for Princess

Updated on Jul 18, 2009
Joe Fresh dress - payless shoes
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JUKILOVE 's Thoughts:

I guess I’ll talk about the outfit first. I bought this dress at Joe Fresh which is a clothing line that’s sold in grocery stores in Canada. It probably sounds kind of weird, but they actually have really nice stuff, and a good price for the quality. I found this when I went to trot around the grocery store across the street from the retirement home my grandma resides in (shame on me.) You can see the original at this blog I luckily found. At $7 I couldn’t resist. I took mine in (although not enough) and removed part of the sleeve. But still I think it’s kind of out there for a dress to wear day to day, mainly because the skirt is really pouffy and makes it look too evening dressy. I’m thinking of altering the front of the neckline or cutting a drastic V in the back. Either way I really want to make this a dress I can wear to class, everyday kind of thing. Ideas?

Some quick random things.
a) I got my retainers, which I loath because I can’t close my jaw all the way and I thought I was done with the pouty mouth that my braces gave me, I have to deal with it all over again. And I’m afraid I’ll crush them because I have the tendency to clamp my jaw really tight when I sleep.
b) I picked up the pictures my besties and I took at a studio a few weeks ago. They are sooo cute! I’d post them but apparently I would be infringing some copy right law.
c) I went through my stash of fabric (the one I know of in my room) and oh the things I need to do before school starts.

Some quick random fashion related things.
1. I want to make a vest like this. I have leftover fabric from a project I did for a ‘friend’ in senior year of high school. (I’ll tell you the story after I finish these few points.) But I don’t have enough to do the full vest, so I’m probably going to do a cut out back. Oh and the fabric I’m thinking of it the same as the bag I made with the giant vanilla bow a few posts back.
2. I have this white lace that is also leftover from a project I did for a different good friend also in senior year of high school. I shall show you that dress in another post. Well with the leftover I want to make a tank top like . But that means I’d need to make something to wear underneath. Which brings me to the next point.
3. I’ve already planned this for a while, just a simple dress slip from the remnants of the fabric I used for my prom dress.
4. I went lingerie shopping with my mommy today. Sewing with my mother is not something I appreciate all the time, but shopping is a lot of fun, especially when it’s for her. Anyway, it made me think of making some cute nighties with old bras that don’t fit anymore. Too bad I don’t have any fitting remnant fabric for this project.

Here’s the long story short from point 1. A friend of mine got me to make a few outfits for a car show she and some friends were modeling. Then, because of the magic of facebook I noticed that she was taking credit for my work. She DID design the pieces, but she claimed to have made them too. I don’t remember if I took it very well, but I guess I’m still a little hurt and feeling betrayed. I’m a bit colder about taking up sewing jobs nowadays, and probably won’t be taking part in the fashion show the same friend has offered me. Anyway, what I design isn’t fitting for her company’s style and I’d rather not compromise myself for a bit of fame. I’m contemplating showing you a picture of the outfits (of course worn by the said models) but maybe it’s time I swallow my bitterness. =]

I hope I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes for the links I’ve posted, I take no credit for them, just inspiration!

Comments (17)

Dagger on October 22
They sell clothes in big Grocery stores in the Uk too =) Nothing as nice as this though! Stunning!
Aspire on August 11
classy dress!
UnoCosa on July 20
the picture is so stunning.... as for the dress of everyday, i would love you to be in a semi-mini shift dress that you can wear by itself, over shorts, leggings, even pants while pairing it w/ sneakers, flipflops, boots or heel... can't wait to see what you come up, xoxo
plastikneon on July 20
Lovely dress, great color!
bernle on July 20
very kyooott! lol
MySaraHsb on July 20
What a beautiful dress!:)
BrodyKushner on July 19
It might not quite be prim enough for a princess, but it's stunning for a queen, no, a FAERIE QUEEN! That was mean what your "friend" did to you. Next time your "friend" asks you to sew things for her, rub some poison ivy on the fabric, just kidding. But still, ouch.
JUKILOVE on July 19
Wow Brody, you know how to get revenge! But thanks for the comforting. And now that you mention it, I can imagine fairy wings sprouting out my back.
WickedPlumVintage on July 19
wow that dress is super cute, i love your hair!
alex226268 on July 19
That dress looks amazing on you!
Eve_n on July 19
i'm in love with your dess!<3 you look sooo cute dear!
pinklady_apple on July 19
Sooooooooooooo adorable! I love your style at moment..but before also!
edgey on July 19
Really pretty ! I think it could work in class with a casual jacket / pair of shoes. Also, I think it really works with your new hair color ! good job as usual ;) !
coldlight on July 19
i think the dress is really cute! and also, loving the colour of your hair.. crazy :D
kissbangbang on July 19
Nice colour =]
iamgeri on July 19
I like the color of your dress! :D
jeroy on July 18
wow!! new color hair.. i think (in 1.) is a great design to do, a vest with a surprise in a back of it will be great.. i love clothes that has it's surprise things in it .. or i can say "unique".. love your new dress & it's affordable yet elegant.. love the color too! :))
monicaw on July 18
i like the contrast between the punk-ish of ur hair and the prim and proper of ur dress
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