How to style short hair: Guest blogger - Laurel

Updated on Jul 31, 2008

Comments (26)

carolinqq on January 29
i love your shirt
chelyuson on August 31
love the sunglasses
colormenana on October 20
Beautiful photo! Cute skirt!
Juicy_daniY on July 12
great style!! =)
gatalivre on December 11
glasses are AMAZING
gerri on October 09
ur hair's really pretty!
prettypirate on August 03
This is a great tutorial but in my professional opinion I wouldn't classify this lenght of hair short. I would call this more medium to long. It would be nice to have some tips for shorter hair as in Agness deyn short. There is a awkward in between stage when you grow out a short cut, so tips of that would be helpfull. As a stylist, I would say bobby pins, headbands and flower pins help.
bunnygirl on August 02
great tips! the twist is my fave <3
CoverMe on August 02
This is too good-great tips!
naomi on August 02
Great post! I am getting my hair cut like this soon and this gave me some great tips. Very useful!
Tali on August 01
what skirt is that laurel? when i straighten my hair im doing that braid across the head thing. Im with you though, summertime = curlllsss :D very nicely done.
laurel on August 01
its the american apparel lamé skirt. this top was h&m from sometime last year. and thanks!
lulu on August 01
The first picture against the water is just too great. I'm going to try as many as I can.
Tali on August 01
why not try extensions? fake it til you get there lol
ester on August 01
where were you when I had short hair? I could have really used this... hahah looking great, as usual!
triplyksis on August 01
Great tips! Thanks!
Zoie on August 01
I just cut my hair to shoulder length. It was down to the middle of my back! Great post!
Emmyd99 on August 01
Beautiful!!! You're sooo creative!!!
Amandas_Armoire on August 01
Love it! I always do the twist! I'm growing out my hair so its at a really akward length, I'm going to try the boho braids today! :)
loveat6thavenue on August 01
I love braids. so boho!
kirstennface on August 01
THANK-YOU! I never really know what to do with my hair, so I usually resort to a little ponytail or something boring like that. I'm growing my hair out (as I say all the time a few months before I get it cut hahaha) and I really like some of these styles. Maybe they will help me in the transformation :D
eve on August 01
Pls teach me how to make my hair fab like that! *picture 3*
laurel on August 01
check out tutorial for "pinned back updo". its really simple!
shmab on August 01
your hair is amaz! the last time i had hair like that was when i was 5, but this post makes me want to venture to the short side once more :)
jezebel on August 01
i'm thinking about chopping off my hair for locks of love (again) and this made me feel so much less scared:)
Faithieee on August 01
Yay thanks! :) I love the twist because it's so easy!
Starrgirl on August 01
gorgeous first photo! never thought of making two braids to wrap around the head
Clementine on August 01
Thanks for the tips, Laurel you really got nice idea but for those who've got hair shorter than Laurel's got ?
laurel on August 01
i think your hairs long enough to do some similar styles :)
bnosaires on August 01
love it!!

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