Thrift Asia.

Updated on Jul 16, 2009

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julia7982 on June 28
sounds really cool
runwaydiva on August 16
I love thrifting! As in I super do! I love this article. I hope it opens the minds of other people that thrifting ain't really a gross job, if after all those digging, you'll be able to find a really nice piece :) I particularly love your last line :D Well writen.
Samantha03 on August 08
maybe in indonesia it is like that, but in the philippines, although most of my friends don't like that i go to thrift stores, but for me I love it, first of all it is cheap and lastly, I find one-of-a-kind pieces, but it is true that it looks like that, cramped and stuff :)
dustyrosevintage on July 26
great post. we do lots of international "scouring" and are always fascinated by the global rag trade. great advice!
orsola on July 16
if i'll ever come to asia i'll keep your great advises in mind. thanx for it :o)
orsola on July 16
omg it do sound risky but if that's the place where you find your great clothes sabrina, than it's really worth it! i think here in europe thrifting it's much more a "flair-job". at least speaking about weekend flea markets. second-hand shops are in certain cities (milan for example) almost more expensive then normal shops because sellers know vintage-pieces are a trend, unfortunately
simplycheap on July 16
The sellers here too are learning too about trends. They even know the word "vintage" and "high waist", quite amazing really..... ;p

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