Can you tell: I love Dunkin' Donuts Ice Coffee??

Updated on Jul 11, 2009
blue mens denim John Galliano pants - blue knit cardigan White & Warren
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UnoCosa 's Thoughts:

A good cup of coffee can be very expensive, well, at least here in New York. If you think Starbucks soy latte is pricy, then, check this out: my favorite coffee shop, Cake Shop, in Lower East side, charge you a wipe $5.15 for medium size soy latte with a shot of vanilla syrup … and if you are like me who always feel obliged to give tips (well especially in L.E.S since you know, most likely, the one behind the counter is some sort of struggling artists who came to New York to pursue his/her dreams…. ) so, you will end up leaving the place with a cup of ice drink that costs $6 or $7 depending on how generous you are….

For years, i just thought it was the way it is: Coffee is like everything else, good ones cost more …. well, that is until i braved into a Dunkin’ Donuts while was in Key West and i found my true summer calling :-) You see, the coffee at DD is really freshly brewed … there is no fancy choices except adding different flavors – and when it comes to ice coffee, it simply taste so clean like i am drinking water except there is caffeine in it, which, after drink all sorts of fancy coffee drinks, i came to appreciate!!!

This afternoon, i got this cup of wonderfully crispy ice coffee and got to say i truly enjoyed and drank till the very last drop!!! …

Comments (35)

allymazing on March 10
i love your streetstyle
NICKPINI on July 27
check out that hair, i love that and the shirt
theamay on July 22
You look gorgeous with your hair down, just as well as up, but I mean, wow. And I love the shirt.
Etceteravs on July 22
great summer outfit! loved the 3rd photo...
claireism on July 18
i dnt eat sweets but they look cute tho lol youre bag is hot btw : )
bkao on July 17
1) can i just say that i love that you don't smile in your pictures? :) it just seems more real to me. 2) it made me sick when katie holmes started wearing rolled up boyfriend jeans because she never rocked it right. so thank you for chronicling them the right way.
UnoCosa on July 17
OMG!!! you just made me realizing that i was rolling all my pants up for my entire week posts :-)))) haha... i must be really lazy, LOL!!! thanks, darling 4 the interesting perspective, appreciated sincerely, xoxo
BenitaGarlim on July 14
love the cuffed bf jeans
nikiadams on July 13
I love your jeans!
inbugsdrawers on July 13
Love the baby blue sweater - cute outfit!
AlexJordon on July 13
love heavy metal;-D
BadTasteToast on July 13
haha great shirt! and the jeans look so cool and comfy! a very good casual outfit!
Bubu on July 13
I really really love your style, it's so clean and original. But why are you people so obsessed with this expensive coffee things in NYC, isn't there like a regular espresso in Italian place for 2 dollars or something like that?
UnoCosa on July 13 are totally right on!!! i got try one of those espresso sometime soon.... maybe bring my own soymilk and make ice soy latte, LOL!! thanks darling, xoxo
dreapuff on July 12
Loving this outfit girl! I really like your shoes and shirt! I will have to try DD coffee!
risyaayu on July 12
I ADORE tHIS OUTFIT!! it's beyond cool ! i love how you rolled your jeans like that. the cardigan, tucked in shirt. PERFECT!!
YekkY on July 12
Wow you've got some attitude girl! I LOVE IT!
Leslee on July 12
LOve everything about your outfit.
HoneyBunny on July 12
Wow! Stunning photos, stunning you! Love that cardi and your hair! :)
beautifulfall on July 12
your pictures are so beautiful, you look very much in the moment, or caught in the moment w/ everything moving around you and standing still. It's fabulous!
yandeli on July 12
love everthing here...
Soulclaire on July 12
You are the artist .No matter the outfit is normal or conceptual.They are some little detail and strong style in there.... love the way you are Ps.I think u look good in this hair style !!
CEES_ on July 12
love the baggey comfortable style.. your hair is Gorgeous!! and i agree with igosteeth this outfit is really unexpected i hope to see more wonderful outfits from you
FrancoisBlondel on July 12
carelessly sophisticated!
igotsteeth on July 12
this is something that I didn't expect from you, as your last posts struck me as, well, almost ethereal... but I love it! The details of your outfit really get me, the belt, the studs, the print, the slouchiness of your cardigan... fantastic look, very free-spirited and chic! btw, your pictures are always fantastic!
UnoCosa on July 14
darling, thank you for the wonderful comment - i tend to get bored really easily - guess fashion simply gives me a way to take some of those boredom out, haha!!! As far as the picture goes, well, thanks to my partner who has been diligently documenting my daily wear for months now, xoxo
chyntia on July 12
i heart your denim pants!
pemora on July 12
first of all, i love this look...second, i LOVE dd coffee...their coffee beans are actually from colombia, which is why i think it is so good (i am a sucker for south american coffee) yummy!!!!
UnoCosa on July 14
wow!!! now i know the reason why... thanks for sharing this, haha... now i am going to convincing all my other coffee snobs to convert to DD, xoxo
Naso on July 12
love this look !! ahhh i really do love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you look amazing !!!! stunning photo number 4 is sooo amazing !!!!
lilac_sunrise on July 12
omg i LOVE this!
lissakahayon on July 12
I love your top!!!!
pwincessbebe on July 12
quirky !!!! love this !!
letsdotheCATWALK on July 12
Cute Cute! :)
candydoll on July 12
Cute cardigan!
Jasna on July 12
Wow, this is soo stunning!! I luv everything, u pull this look off amazingly well!!! = my chic vote and im adding to my favs!! xxxx
UnoCosa on July 14
thanks jasna :-)
u look very cute!!! love ur bag!
libys11 on July 12
wow!! amazing as usual!!! i can never pull off slouchy clothes all the way.. i wish i could, but i look so messy whenever i try hahaha! but you, my dear, look so effortlessly chic in all the pieces that you are wearing!! love the soft fabric of those denim pants. the cardigan looks so comfy too!!! chic! :D
Kamicha on July 11
Great, casual style with just right amount of detail to keep things interesting! And I love your photos - I would like to visit in NY so much!
UnoCosa on July 11
if you have chance, you should definitely make the trip... even after over 8 years here, i am still in awe by its diversity and ever changing landscapes ...xoxo
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