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Updated on Jul 01, 2009
All-Son sweater - Old Navy t-shirt - Remade by JUKILOVE shorts - D&G glasses - L
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JUKILOVE 's Thoughts:

Thought you’d like to know:
1. It’s been a while since I’ve posted, just been out and about, sewing, reading, etc.
2. I’m being a hermit and not out to see fireworks on Canada Day. Two reasons:
a) the sight of couples being lovey dovey gazing at falling stars (fireworks) may cause involuntary regurgitation.
b) I cannot bare to have another pollen allergy attack (it gives me a rash on the side of my lip). This especially applies because usually just before midnight the temperature causes pollen in the upper air to fall.

This outfit is something along the lines of what I wear when I go to write exams/midterms (except I would wear pants since I go to school during the chilly seasons). I try to opt for something comfy with large pockets for my calc, pens, etc. so I don’t have to bring a bag. The sweater is men’s (buttons are on the right) from Urban Outfitters; I took it home, put some darts in the back and took in the sleeves. Shorts were white jeans my mom bought me, so I cut and will hem them.

I realized that I don’t talk about academia on Chictopia, so here it is: I just finished my first university year in life sciences and this fall will be returning to do a specialization in biochemistry, I plan to do a biology/pharmacology co-op program beginning third year.

Last school year I often sat in my dorm room wondering how I possibly got under the radar and made it to university. Reasons being:
1. I absolutely detested reading during high school. It just killed me to have to sit and stare at a book. Although I found text books easier to read than literature, I barely ever finished assigned readings. I felt this way a lot last fall as well.
2. I’m one of those people that can fall asleep any where, any time and in any position. It was never because I wanted to sleep in class, but in senior year I probably napped three out of five classes per day. To no surprise I’ve fallen asleep during too many lectures.
3. Due to my very short attention span, I somehow always missed warnings of upcoming tests. I often walked into class to find the desks in test formation, I would push my desk up against my bestie’s only to be told that we were in fact writing a test and I couldn’t sit so close to her.
4. I only noticed last year, but my attention span is horrible. It was probably a biology lecture, I thought about the red hat some guy in front of me was wearing, then about a friend that often wore red, how he used to make me laugh and the time we were in a biology lab, what university is he at now…

I was going to tell you about the books I’m reading but I think that would make too long of a ‘photo description’.

Comments (8)

blackdoll on April 06
love the plaid sweater
anonymours on July 11
Daniellabella on July 02
JUKILOVE on July 02
Thank you !
Naso on July 02
i love the shirt !!! ^_^
JUKILOVE on July 02
So comfy too!
igotsteeth on July 02
I love the colors of your sweater, very cool! and good look with tests/attention span problems. :)
JUKILOVE on July 02
Thanks, I need all the luck I can get.
pinklady_apple on July 02
This outfit looks nice and comfy :)
JUKILOVE on July 02
Oh very, thanks for the comment!
UnoCosa on July 01
so simply and clean... nice!
JUKILOVE on July 02
Thank you, I like your blog, keep it up!
Catherinee on July 01
Your sweater looks so comfy! And I'm not sure what Canada Day is, but I'm assuming it's a holiday, so happy Canada Day! :)
JUKILOVE on July 01
LOL! Canada day is like the fourth of July, but in Canada and for Canada.
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