Underwear as Outerwear

Updated on Jun 29, 2009

Comments (15)

MerryThePrankster on May 18
I love this outfit, and am beginning to really love the trend.
britm on August 18
i really LOVE this outfit. :)
missocd on July 08
hehe underwear inspired look? love it :)
BadTasteToast on June 30
great post, I really enjoyed it! maybe I should go and get some lingerie...
eastcoast on June 30
Hahaha "open for business". Advice to the interested, wear your prettiest underthings... utilitarian bra straps and clear straps (the horror!) are far from seductive.
chamcham on June 30
awesome ideas :)
HoneyBunny on June 30
I so love this post and this trend;D
slanelle on June 30
thank you for featuring me, i'm so proud ^^
TheStylishWanderer on June 29
oh btw, im in LOVE with Charles Anastase... have been for a long time now. If chictopia can do it I think you guys should go to his show in the fall!
Speedbump on June 29
Guuuuuh, how much I would love that!!! Crossing my fingers!
TheStylishWanderer on June 29
Yes girl, I love this, and not just because Im in it...... BUT BECAUSE I WORE A SLIP TODAY
hessica on June 29
i love this post! your a great writer
Styledbysae on June 29
This is so pin-up!! Adorable..
lvh03 on June 29
OMG SOOO FUN. Was so tempted to buy those bloomers at AA yesterday. DAMN I should have.
danadition on June 29
super cutio!!!! Love it
legitstyle on June 29
cute, love the shorts!

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