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Updated on Jun 22, 2009
white loose t-shirt - blue acid wash Levis Vintage Collection jeans
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wisnugenu 's Thoughts:

this look im inspired by mix of erin wason and the creative designer alexander wang so i called the title erin wang!!hehehheee

on saturday nite 20 june 09 i was featured on fashion articel @Jakarta Globe newspapper as “jakarta Fashionista” and ill going to hang out with JoGeCaNad’s (Jojo,Genu,Ceca,and nadia) on pic #3
and JoGeCa on pic #4
so i was search and buy that newspaper and finally i found that newspapper and so amaze with my answer hihihihiii its really cute to read my answer this question…..
and ill take have a drink and dinner on senayan city @portico that a lounge very cozy….x)

this is the translate of Jakarta Globe newspapper and write on english

My Jakarta: Wisnu ‘Genu’ Ramadhan

Malls are his turf. Fashion magazines his holy books. His bedroom walls are plastered with stylish ads from the likes of Miu Miu, Dior and Prada, ensuring that Wisnu “Genu” Ramadhan is surrounded by style 24/7.

This chirpy 22-year-old visual communication design student spends his spare time rummaging through Jakarta’s clothing racks and shelves, looking for the right scarf or T-shirt.

Described as stylish by 126 people on his Facebook friends’ list, Genu takes us for a walk through the mind of a man with his finger on the pulse of fashion.

How do you describe your style?

It’s a mix of many styles, I think. I can’t tell you just one particular style. Edgy, hippie-ish, bohemian. Stailorist. I mix them all.

You mean sailor-ist?

No, Stailorist. It’s a new expression, I think. Haven’t you heard of it? It means casual urban chic, sort of. For starters, I throw on a vintage rock band fitted T-shirt, a loose shirt, a blazer, skinny jeans and add a dose of oh-so-chic fringed boots. Voila, a concoction of style. It sounds like it’s an uncommon combination, I know, but it works! At least I’d like to think so. One particular look I’m loving right now is the combination of acid-wash jeans and boots. It’s so ’80s! Eighties revival!

Who influences your style?

Actually, me! But my role model is the uber-cool androgynous Burberry Prorsum face-of-the-year, Agyness Deyn. And the up-and-coming British designer who makes her his muse, the super-talented Henry Holland. They’re both British. England will be the new fashion Mecca, I tell you that. I also love to look for inspiration by reading fashion blogs and looking at pictures of stylish people around the world.

Would you consider yourself as a fashionista?

Well, not really. I think I’m a stylish person, but many people say that I’m a fashionista.

Do you think Jakartans are consumed with consumerism?

Sorry to say, but yes. People like me and my friends — we’re shopaholics. There is not a day spent without shopping. Be it only a cellphone case, a ring or structured blazer, I spend money almost every day, except when I’m sick. Wait, I shop online sometimes. Come to think of it, I can shop when I’m sick, too. Don’t get me wrong, consumerism helps Indonesia cope with the global financial crisis. With a huge market, the Indonesian economy can survive the crisis.

Is Jakarta a shopper-friendly city?

Yes! You can find almost anything in Jakarta. Cheap stuff, high-end stuff and knockoffs. Usually shopping spots are easy to reach. You can use all kinds of transportation, you know. Malls are everywhere. So many malls on Sudirman and Thamrin alone — Ratu Plaza, Fx, Pacific Place, Plaza Semanggi, Grand Indonesia, Plaza Indonesia, Ex, and Sarinah. Eight. See, this does not include Senayan City and Plaza Senayan. Those are near Sudirman. And Harvey Nichols. Oh, magnificent but out of reach Harvey Nicks…


I’m a student, do you think I can afford Emporio Armani shirts or Etro jeans?

What are your favorite shopping spots?

The malls and one Spanish chain store I love so dear, Zara.

Why do you think Jakartans go abroad to shop? Doesn’t the city have enough, even for the most insatiable shopper?

Well, they probably want to go to some stores that you can’t find in Jakarta, such as H&M or Urban Outfitters. Or they go during sale season. You can get cool stuff for about $5 or $10 in the US. For example, for Nine West shoes, in Indonesia the price is Rp 1.299 million ($125), but if you buy the very same item in the United States, you can get it for $49 on sale because they have new stuff coming and they put everything on sale.

Actually, in my opinion, Jakarta has everything I want, but if someone asked me to go shopping abroad, I’d say yes faster than a shopaholic snatching up a pair of size 8 ankle boots at a Zara store, during sale season.

On average, how much do you spend in a month?

I don’t know, it depends. I don’t budget either. If it’s sale season I can run amok and spend a lot. If the collection is not good, then I only spend a little. On average, I think I usually spend about one million a month.

What is your most prized possession?

A brown snake-skin and leather briefcase. I bought it for 1.5 million. But it’s worth every penny. I really love it because the model is classic and I think it will be perpetually trendy. The snake-skin detail adds an extra oomph to the bag.

Do you think Jakarta can become a destination for shopping tourism, like Singapore and Hong Kong?

Absolutely! You know I think it has already started. There are so many tourists who shop in Jakarta. Frequently, I’m asked by tourists from Singapore and Malaysia [who are friends of friends of mine] about places for shopping. They are very fashionable! They ask which stores my friends and I frequent, and they’re also curious about flea markets, too! They’re interested in secondhand or vintage items. We should have more flea markets in this city.

Wisnu “Genu” Ramadhan was talking to Karina Wulandari.

and this is the link if u want go to check it out again!!

hope u like it chictopians!!

Comments (12)

tauyanm on June 18
nice photo!
KrisztinaLittleK on January 28
anonymours on May 13
cool look
CarinaVega on July 20
ohmigodd.. its fun to see another fashionable indonesian chictopians and your style is very interesting yet fun. have you seen another chictopians called "inKARLcerating"? i think you both guys quite similar but still have a sense of individuality :) you're great! keep on goin!
Mstrendy on June 27
Loving the look! You are too cute!! (:
wisnugenu on June 28
thenxx a lot dearr hihihihiii x)
cyk on June 23
i love your accessories and jeans!
wisnugenu on June 28
THE_BANDITS on June 23
Just recommended your chicblog on my blog ( Hope you like it…
YekkY on June 23
Nice Interview ;-) Nice Ensemble.
wisnugenu on June 23
really thenx for ur attention yekky
nuitnoir on June 22
this is above cool!
wisnugenu on June 23
theng Q
jeroy on June 22
cool interview=D your a shopaholic, fashionista.. rofl =D
jeroy on June 23
wushooo! lol
wisnugenu on June 23
heheheh not to shopaholic just a little bit hhiii x)
franloiacono on June 22
Very nice interview! :D
wisnugenu on June 23
thenx thenx
plparayno on June 22
im inlove with this ensemble! that bag is AMAZING!
wisnugenu on June 23
oohh so much thenx
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