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Updated on Jun 19, 2009
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guys? i’ve got a problem. i am absolutely stuck in casual mode! like, too casual. part of the reason i haven’t been posting outfits as frequently is because even when i take the pictures, i look at them and think… hm, something is missing. this is boring!

i hear a lot of people say that they have issues with overdoing it. too many accessories, you know? my issue is the opposite. i keep pairing things down and sometimes i wonder if it’s too simple. even though i absolutely 100% prefer simple.

haha! maybe i’m just getting sick of looking at myself! haha, and i’m not trying to be self-deprecating when i say that. i just mean, i guess i’m bored!

even with all the new clothes! i got this faded ikat skirt from anthropologie and i quite like it. the only thing is that it’s a linen blend, so it gets wrinkly pretty easily. i find that a little frustrating. is linen supposed to be nicely pressed, or are you supposed to let it do it’s wrinkly thing? i don’t know! i’ve never really worn linen before!

anyhow. i wore a similar outfit to an art opening over the weekend, but i wore the aa tri-blend racerback instead of the t-shirt. and let me tell you! it was a little too racy! or i’m just too modest. i felt slightly uncomfortable the whole evening, but it didn’t show!

yawn. sleepy me. oh, and sorry for the poor quality. even a fancy camera can take bad pictures if the settings are all messed up! oops!

Comments (31)

XinYiChong on January 21
like the simplicity of it
Pradhan on April 30
simple is perfect... love the look
xrosaaaaaaa on August 27
love yo skirttt
xrosaaaaaaa on August 27
love yo skirttt
jwhoa on July 11
Ha, sometimes I worry about being too simple too! I feel like a failure if I look too ordinary (which is most of the time). lol. But I love the skirt, it's cute :D
lydia on June 29
I love this skirt!!!
kdolph17 on June 23
great skirt
jeanneinabottle on June 22
ditto on everyday casual. just post them! you're always the cutest anyway.
calivintage on June 23
oh thank you so much! that's so sweet! ;)
LconstanciaSM on June 22
love your shoes;))
Jasna on June 22
Babe, what are u talking about, you make anything look chic!!! We all go thru these phases, but dont stop posting ok, I luv ur skirt btw, so very chic!!!= my chic vote xxx
calivintage on June 23
aw, thank you so much! you're so nice, love!!!!!
nathanielt148 on June 20
I love looks like this..its the basics sometimes people screw up but you look great to me as usual, great skirt, simple top and your good to go, simply perfect!
NickieSIXX on June 20
First things First, You or your style is SO NOT BORING...if that were the case, I would not bother reading or looking, nor would I comment. You have nailed the casual cool look and you do it so well, you put a twist on it one way or another and make it your own. Whatever you're wearing or doing, you do it well! I too blame it on summertime, wait for fall, we'll all get creative again!
maggiemay on June 20
have been feeling the same!! totally get this!.! u still look great!
hotfudgexd on June 20
Oh but its so lovley! I i love everything about this look. Just be happy you dont wear abercrombie jumpers everyday, it gets alot simpler than you!
calivintage on June 20
haha! good point! ;)
Anna_Lj on June 20
Totally get your point. Really bored with myself and clothes too. But u look great as always!
coliessoule on June 20
this is your statement style and i am loving it always!
supervillain on June 19
Your casual style is still so stylish!!! I'm ALWAYS in a casual rut. Whenever I post entries for Chictopia, I never seem to click any other category other than CASUAL, with the occasional variations. HAHA. I love the way you dress, regardless of whether it is casual or not. (:
libys11 on June 19
you know what? just always keep it simple, dear! you look absolutely gorgeous already.. i, myself, sometimes find myself downplaying my outfits.. but it seems practical and comfy too to have less.. :) im loving the skirt!!! i have outfits like these from you! :D
WickedPlumVintage on June 19
i know the feeling about bad pics, i was sooooo out of it on my last shoot, my knee was killing me, i was tired, not felling it, and my lens kept messing up! ugh...well i love that skirt, i have a similar one but i never wear it, and i really like those shoes...
ajyums on June 19
i love this outfit!so effortlessly chic!i do believe that less is more and you stand testament to that:)
raiscake on June 19
Aww, if you think you're too casual/simple right now, then I must be a boring dresser. :P I'm very straightforward and demand efficiency (I'm type A apparently) and that reflects in my style. Very simply and understated. But don't worry! I'm sure you'll get out of your rut soon! It's probably the summer heat. I know it's draining the energy out of me.
calivintage on June 19
haha! yeah, i shouldn't complain! i think you're right. it must be the summer. ug, the summer kinda sucks for fashion!
KelleyAnne on June 19
The skirt looks great! There's nothing wrong with wanting to be casual...its summer, you should be comfortable. You always look great in all of the outfits you post.
pemora on June 19
it's something about the summer that makes me too casual....i'm trying to invoke some of my fall-excitement about clothes, but i am too lazy. i just want to live in shorts and tees...
0909jackie on June 19
i agree with some of the other commenters, simplicity looks great on you; maybe if you reall hate it, you should try brooches. i find they're less cumbersome than necklaces and rings etc and you can wear as many/few as you want. When i wear linen, i find it looks much better went it's slightly crinkled and worn in, otherwise it doesn't fit in with the "summery", casual, easy asthetic :)
Tashii on June 19
simplicity is gorgeous :) <3
jazzyhwang on June 19
yes, but simple/casual is totally you! :) i totally agree with hessica below! but i guess everyone gets bored of themselves and that's when your style matures! no worries, i'm sure you'll get back to your fabulous self soon enough! i love the skirt--and i think it's supposed to be wrinkly otherwise it'd be too much of a hassel to be constantly smoothing it out!
hessica on June 19
i think the simple california girl thing works for you, you always look effortlessly chic (hence your style icon status).. but if you feel bored try to emulate someone or something or think of little challenges for yourself. i think its interesting when a certain motif, print, or color is worn from head to toe (like panels, bows, black and white).. hope i helped!
calivintage on June 19
thank you love!!! yes, i need to experiment!
Pink_and_Glitter on June 19
I blame it to the summer... somehow around the sunny and warmer time of the year I feel like to drop down the accesorizing... don't u worry darling, this is just temporary... ;)
elle_em_bee on June 19
i have your same problem! all my outfits just seem so boring to me. but then when i try to accessorize more, i look at it and think i look like a clown. it's a hard balance! but i think this outfit is great. :]
igotsteeth on June 19
so lovely... so laidback. If you really wanna spice it up though why not try mixing that lovely skirt with another pattern? Just a thougt, may get you away from 'casual mode' :)
JayLovesVintage on June 19
Very cute! I love the details on the skirt.
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