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Updated on Jun 18, 2009
skirt - top
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Which top do you like better with the skirt? (Imagine that the accessories are already there)
50%   The yellow top  
28%   The stripped top 
22%   Neither, go for either pink or purple 
Total Votes: 36
The_Sapfire_Den 's Thoughts:

Sorry guys but i don’t have a camera anymore because it wasn’t working right. I had to return it back to Walmart but it was out of stock so I have to go back in like 2 or 3 more weeks go get it again. I’m using the camera on my phone so that’s why it looks so blurry. UGH!!!!

Well I was at JCPenny on Saturday and had to buy this skirt even though i didn’t have anything to wear it with. It was originally $36 but was on clearance and had an extra something percent off and i got it for $4.24 (including tax). Of course i would buy it. I would not let any other chick take that from me. I love my mom for finding it!!!!!

So I wanted to wear it with a yellow shirt because i think pink and yellow are simply adorable but in the dressing room i saw that the skirt was purple too and was so upset because I don’t know if I could still wear a yellow top with it. So this is wear you guys come in. I need advice on how to wear this the way i wanted but still have it look cute. I was think yellow accessories and yellow shoes but how can i incorporate the purple? Should I just ignore it or wear like a purple bow in my hair or a purple ring. HELP!!!!!!

I’m also going to upload the same skirt with a different top. Tell me what you think about that too.

Thanx bunches!!!!!

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