Dalmatians return

Updated on Jun 16, 2009
supre dress - Forever21 vest - lechateau shoes - UO glasses
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idee_geniale 's Thoughts:

As soon as I picked up this dress I thought of Dalmatians. It has spots on it put not prefect polka dots, actual spots, just like the cute little puppies that Cruella wanted to wear. I’m no Cruella however, I won’t wear fur only if it’s faux, really faux. I have this ridiculous faux fur jacket that could possible burn down a whole house if it’s even 5 feet of an open flame.

Anyways, i’ve started working on my blog again but am still not sure how I feel about it. I think it’s very time consuming when you have a full time job and for some reason since living in NY I feel like the everyday tasks just seem so laborious. I swear, things like laundry, grocery shopping, things like that just seem to take forever to accomplish. So keeping up with a blog well, i’ll try to add it to my never ending “to do” list. In the meantime you can check it out

I’m getting ready to head out this weekend for a family wedding. My little cousin’s getting married!! I think it’s about time I have a little fmaily reunion. I think I know which dress i’ll be wearing but you’ll have to wait until I get back to see it!!haha. I love creating suspense.

Comments (14)

kashuler on June 19
I looooove this look so much.
AnnaKonduh on June 18
This is adorable! I love it :)
WickedPlumVintage on June 17
so cute!!!
Etceteravs on June 17
have you changed your mind about the other dress? I thought it was beautiful... Anyway, I've just checked your blog, I think it's gonna be great... And sweet dress ;)
idee_geniale on June 17
yes, I decided to not go with the beige one since its too close to being"iffy". I have another one thorugh that I havn't yet found the occasion to wear so this will be perfect. Thanks for checking out my blog!
NickieSIXX on June 17
I like how this vest nips it all in. Great outfit. I will be reading your blog, don't worry....but yeah...it it super time consuming btwn everything we do. Somedays I have to choose between teh blog or chictopia, most days I post the same thing in both. And then sometimes I just have to NOT DO ANYTHING or else I'll be up way too late at night (like last night, I didn't turn on my computer)
runwaydiva on June 17
i like the vest!
Styledbysae on June 17
nice vest!!
libys11 on June 17
this outfit and the photos made me go 'aawww'. sweet look, dear! :D
Jasna on June 16
Luv this, the bow adds such a nice touch and the vest is amazing!!= my chic vote xxx
luciw on June 16
this outfit is total love <3
candydoll on June 16
Love the bow! http://candykawaiilover.blogspot.com
pemora on June 16
i am so very excited to see your blog...so, do it. if only b/c you know you'll have one loyal reader. and this vest is crazy. i love it.
idee_geniale on June 17
well, now that I know at least 1 person will read, i think i'll feel less stupid about it! thanks so much. hope you enjoy.
nobutterfly on June 16
The vest is the best part of this. it makes this pretty dress that much chicer.
idee_geniale on June 17
haha, you know what...the dress is a little big on me (M) so it's a little loose on top so the vest totally covers that up which is why I added to the outfit.
nia on June 16
i love the vest and the bow of yer dress >.<
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