Eyeliner and Cigarettes

Updated on Jun 14, 2009
top - Folded & Hung shirt - jeans - NJ Sneaks shoes
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strangekid 's Thoughts:

The last week of summer has been very emotionally stressful for me. And tomorrow is the start of the academic year. Afraid that I’ll be carrying on my summer blues through out the school year, I made a concrete label that my summer ends now, 14 June 2009, by going to Trinoma and indulging my senses. It was my cousin’s birthday celebration at Red Box.

Sight- A lot of cute people were around shopping at Trinoma today. Filipinos seem to have more money than anyone else during these hard times. Anyway, the point is as I was browsing through the linens section at Landmark, a cute, tall guy stood at the other end of the rack. Hmmm.. I followed his steps until he noticed me and gave a cute smile. And I was satisfied with that petty grin. Haha!! I was wise enough not to flirt so much since my aunt was with me.

Hearing- Oh my, I am a terrible singer. I’ve known that since like forever but it really is my frustration to sing a sweet ballad or some rock. But the talent was generously bestowed upon my cousins. Haaaay..

Smell- It’s such a terrible place, Landmark. I swear! All the people flock in there. And you could actually smell them. Eeewww.. disgusting! I’m sorry but everyone should learn proper hygiene at age 7.

Taste- Yummy food! Red Box serves good food for 199 per head during happy hours. That is from 12 to 2 pm. Tasty finger food and pasta. Their iced tea is too sweet though. Vodka tonic would be my suggestion.

Feel- It was terribly hot outside. The scorching sun was an enemy. Good thing Trinoma, though insanely crowded, has good airconditioning. So it was cool inside. Haha!! Honestly, I have nothing to put here.

Fashion- Yup, it’s the sixth sense! :) I indulged myself with new stuff for the coming school year. I heard the upcoming season is dark in color so my purchases were of dark hues. Gareth Pugh much? Nah!
I bought this cute shapeless shirt in gray with two front pockets from a fairly new store called 101 New York. They import their stuff from Korea so they’re pretty cool. The shirt was actually shaped like a kite and is a girl’s top. :D
I also got new Keds sneakers. This time in brown. I love Keds. It’s so practical and affordable. And I love their salesman too. He gave me excellent assistance from getting every size from 9 until I reached a perfect fit of 7 (women’s sizes) to even tying my laces. Awww.. Made me think he was kinda cute.
I passed by the bookstore to buy my school materials: notebook, pens and an intermediate pad. Trust me, all I lack are the books.
Oh, and my cousin bought me a shirt from Zara as a gift. Thanks, dear. :)

Whew! That was a pretty long day. But all’s fun. Now, my feet hurt and my stomach’s grumbling. I need a sandwich.

Comments (10)

gixxy on May 25
whoa.is this redbox? great shoes!
strangekid on May 26
yup.. it is. thanks. :D
BrandyAlexander on July 15
definitely my style. chic!
strangekid on July 18
really? cool! thanks. :D
inKARLcerating on June 20
what a lovely blog about yer day.. hehe.. i love 101 ny too.. fantastic designs no? landmark is LOVE... hahhaa.. hey d b may bf ka? lagot hehehe.. a smile is more than enough so he must like u din hehe
strangekid on July 07
ssssshhh... my bf is not seloso naman. haha..
YekkY on June 14
Nice! Sweet NJs ;-)
strangekid on June 14
yeah!! they have good designs... i heard some are hand painted
lovelytyphoon_ on June 14
Haha sorry, I just wanted it bluntly statedXD
strangekid on June 14
lol.. it's ok. :)
lovelytyphoon_ on June 14
I like this.
strangekid on June 14
thanks.. :D
BustownModern on June 14
Whoa - I wanna see more photos of that room!
strangekid on June 14
haha!! sadly, i don't have that much photos. i left my cam with my cousins so i can go shopping. well, they whored. haha!!
nuitnoir on June 14
love the shirt! ...and the background too!!!
strangekid on June 14
thankee!! :D
hypercoolmike on June 14
this was today? I was in trinoma too. haha. marami ngang tao kanina.
strangekid on June 14
well, it was a sunday. haha!! and the chances na magkita tayo sa crowd na yun ay... less than 1%. haha!!
jeroy on June 14
haha. flirt!(: gnian din ak mahilig magmasid && maghnap ng cute.. nwei, that's hot & i love the outfit
jeroy on July 18
i miss yer posts/pic
strangekid on June 14
haha!! kisses...
jeroy on June 14
ohw. me lan pla, pahiya ako haha. loveya :))
strangekid on June 14
haha... i wasn't hunting. he just happened to be within my sight. haha!! blessing from heaven.
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