Tutus, Catcalls, and Awkwardness

Updated on Jun 12, 2009
red vintage hat - blue Club Monaco shirt - black vintage purse
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Speedbump 's Thoughts:

So sorry about the ever-changing photo quality on this blog. The weather has been on and off around here and today it was definitely off, except during a 30-minute window while I was away from home and the boyfriend/photographer. Sadface. (yes, I’ve started using that expression in my everyday lingo)

I love the tutu skirt. It’s from H&M and it was the last one in the store that was remotely in my size range. I had to beg the sales assistants to let me steal it off a mannequin. (By the way, one of the most awkward experiences of my life. It felt like I was completely violating the mannequin while the people around me stared. Kind of surreal in a weird way.) Awkward incident #1.

Still though, the skirt is dangerously short… as in, I should not go outside in it without a pair of shorts or something underneath (which there is, fyi). Still, wearing this with a pair of thigh highs incited some pretty, um, lewd behavior (and believe me, I’m so not that girl.). Several catcalls later, I was left regretting my decision to wear the skirt without completely opaque leggings underneath for more obvious coverage. Awkward incident #2

Also, I was recognized on the bus today by a Chictopia user! If you’re reading this, I’m so sorry if I seemed unfriendly and cold! It was just really unexpected as something like that had never happened to me before (it was actually kind of exciting)! I was just kind of embarrassed by the fact that I hadn’t really done my hair or makeup before leaving the house! Awkward incident #3!!

How the conversation went, more or less:
Her: Hey, are you on Chictopia?
Me: Um, yeah.
Her: Yeah, I think I’ve seen you on there. I really like it.
Me: Yeah, I write for CoedUgly.
Her: I know.
(awkward silence)
Me: ::turns back to playing Pokemon on my DS::

How the conversation should have gone, were I a less awkward person:
Her: Hey, are you on Chictopia?
Me: Um, yeah.
Her: Yeah, I think I’ve seen you on there. I really like it.
Me: Yeah, I write for CoedUgly.
Her: I know.
Me: Awesome! My name’s Wendy, by the way. Nice to meet you.
Her: Yeah, my name is _____. Nice to meet you too.
Me: So what kinds of articles would you like to see in the future? How did you find out about Chictopia? What’s your username so I can look you up? You have really cute hair, by the way. I was kind of jealously staring at the back of your head before you came over to talk to me. Blah blah blah blah non-awkward. Okay, see you around, maybe! Bye!

D: I suck. So, girl on the 51 bus with really cute hair, consider this a “missed connection” post, and message me or comment so I can adequately apologize and/or converse. I’m actually really friendly when I’m not reeling from shock. :) So yeah, pic #3 is of me with awkwardface.

Oh, and kind of random, but I really liked this Urban Outfitters window display. The concept of their sale being a Yard Sale is super cute.

This is probably too long of a post already, so I’ll end by saying that I’m really excited to be hanging out in SF tomorrow with Claire and Lily (my co-interns at Chictopia), and one of the most fashionable 14-year-olds I know. ;)

Comments (52)

michelle2119 on September 14
xxSilentlyxx on June 11
Cute skirt!
la_fashionista on October 16
cute look=)
apple0hs on July 20
p.s. yay berkeley, i went to school there!
apple0hs on July 20
I love the tutu! I hope you were able to reconnect your missed connection!
euniceee on July 10
Cute tutu!
Calliedanielle on July 08
I love everything
skale on June 25
lovely :)
blahhhkaren on June 23
goodness gracious your too cute!
amourvintage on June 22
amourvintage on June 22
I love this outfit so much. I want your necklace, shirt and bag. I have a similar bag but yours is so much better! wow x
lydia on June 16
You're too cute! I enjoying hearing the awkward stories, it's nice to know that chic peeps can be awkward too :P I love the outfit too...
Lilian on June 16
Great colour scheme. I love all the little details!
strawberrykoi on June 16
heehee, I love it! That skirt is amazing XD
jazzyhwang on June 15
this is adorable!!!
da_Di on June 15
totally fav!! love all of your outfits!
susieloves on June 15
Love that tutu
etaira on June 15
o0o superr cute! loveee the blouse! and whatta great belt <3
Jasna on June 14
This is so devine!!!= my chic vote xx
hessica on June 14
lovely tutu! and you did an amaazing styling job!
000000 on June 14
love this
HoneyBunny on June 14
Such a cute look! Love that skirt<3 I've got it in black, but I want a white w=one as well!:D
Petitejessica on June 14
you look super adorable!! yeah, as usual.. love your styles!!
MarlaSinger on June 14
aaahhh so funny to read! hahaha. love this! and i love your beret! <33
melephant13 on June 13
I think I saw you at H&M today! But I was too shy to run up and say hi. Haha it'd be like awkward incident #3, except I'd be the one turning away to play my DS...
Speedbump on June 13
Whoa, really? The H&M on Powell? I kinda thought I saw you too!!! Or a girl who really reminded me of you! But I just assumed I was crazy since, you know, tons of Asian girls in SF... ^_^;; You should have said hi! I think I might be less inclined to act awkward now that it's happened once already.
CEES_ on June 13
Etsuko_Etsuko on June 13
Like a delicious piece cake
dustyrosevintage on June 13
thanks so much for the link to the shoes!!!!!!!!
Speedbump on June 13
Sure! :)
jemappelleisabelle on June 13
cute hat!
aiisHi on June 13
cute cute cute cute !
yandeli on June 13
cute. love the top
dustyrosevintage on June 13
i can't believe i live in ny and can't seem to find those shoes anywhere. they look great with everything you wear!
Speedbump on June 13
They still have them on endless.com (and maybe a few other places). http://www.endless.com/Pour%20Victoire%20Felicia%20Open-toe%20Platform/dp/B001CWOF3I/ref=ord_crt_shr/103-6981004-6720607?fromPage=cart You should probably size 1/2 size up. And yeah, they go well with more outfits than you would imagine. :)
alwaysinvogue7 on June 13
so chic! i love that red hat!
heartcity on June 13
i love this outfit! why do stupid men have to try to ruin a lovely outfit with their rudeness? you're way too cute for that sort of nonsense
coldlight on June 13
oh love the belt and the tutu!! i really have to get a white one :P and awkward incident #3... that sounds like something i'd do if something like that happened... i'm rather terrible at talking to strangers! :S
Speedbump on June 13
Hehe, thanks. Glad I'm not the only one. :)
mauumauu on June 13
arghh! i envy your shoessss!!! i must have one! haha.
luxuryredsole on June 13
have a very eclectic style, fascinating!
u_ung on June 13
cute style!!
Naso on June 13
i love this look !!!!!!! sooooo amazing !!! :D
acizgirl on June 13
hey sweetie.. i know how embarrased you might have been. i am sure u totally did not expect it and that's why it happended. but hey u know atleast you got to like "reconnect with her like u just said"
melephant13 on June 13
Adorable! I cut up a pair of old leggings into short biker shorts to wear under skirts too!
twinkl on June 12
i should get me a bum cover
Speedbump on June 13
It does come in handy. ^_^
shadowplay_ on June 12
you always look so cute in your photos haha. i love your little tutu skirt, i'm looking for one just like it (but perhaps longer :P) and i love your shirt! :)
pinklady_apple on June 12
Oh I love it! The skirt is so pretty!
nobutterfly on June 12
I l,ove the skirt too. It's such a cute outfit. Only you would have thought of it. This is very yours!
ishayshaixa on June 12
you always look so adorable!
libys11 on June 12
your pictures and outfits are always amazing!!!! :D :D you look adorable in that tutu! :D chic!
Nika_Rose on June 12
pretty, pretty skirt
pwincessbebe on June 12
total cuteness ! i love how you describe the 2nd awkward incident, it's kinda cute and funny hehehe. i love the skirt, and wondering what did you wear inside to cover the underwear. my dad used to mad at me when i was wearing short skirt as short as yours (but i guess it's a bit shorter) although i already wore a short bicycle pants inside, doh.
Speedbump on June 12
I wore some really old small gym shorts underneath because I couldn't find my usual bum-cover (I almost always wear one with skirts, just in case). My usual bum covering is a pair of gold-ish leggings that I cut to be short-shorts, and which I only wear under short skirts. :)
candydoll on June 12
You are really pretty, girl!!! Btw, I like your hat! http://candykawaiilover.blogspot.com
nia on June 12
very chic!!! i love ur style<3
melimund on June 12
I really like this outfit! Especially the hat and the tutu skirt!! :x
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