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Updated on Jun 11, 2009
Old Navy dress - H&M jacket - Value Village scarf - tights - payless shoes
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KristaniA 's Thoughts:

..spring is here and summer is fast approaching, but i’m becoming more and more attracted to…purples, dark greens and other gem stone hues..

i was wearing a purple dress underneath the buttoned up jean jacket.
i added the silk scarf because my throat isn’t getting any better :(
and the tights? yea…it was preeeettty cold (and rainy) today.
(plus, they made the dress look more office-appropriate!)

so anyways, lets move on to a different (random) topic, which i’ve had in mind for the past couple of weeks..

i’ve been a chictopia member since jan 09.
i’ve been through a phase where my first posts didn’t attract any comments or chic votes.
to be honest, i joined chictopia because of the positive comments and chic votes that people are giving to other members.
i wanted to know if the way i dress is bad/ok/good/great/CHIC.
if it’s bad, i would try to improve by looking at others for inspirations.
aren’t most of us like that?

so, it kinda bothers me when i see an outfit post that receives a lot of comments but only gets a handful of chic votes.
we all want to be recognized in the chictopia community and chic votes are one of the ways to show that your sense of style is recognized by others.
chic votes are what get you in the style gallery!

what’s the point of getting 70+ positive comments on your cropped top/high waisted skirt/boyfriend blazer/bodycon dress/purse/booties/harem pants are if you only get 10 chic votes out of that?

is it because some people don’t want others to have more chic votes than they do?
is it because they don’t want others to appear on the style gallery page then acquire more fans and have a shot at becoming a style icon?
or is it also because they’ll get 1 chic point for writing down a comment but no point for voting for the outfit?
if they have the time to write down a comment, why is it so hard for them to vote for the outfit at the same time?
i am confused… :(

for me, if i don’t like what i see, i won’t even bother writing a comment.
it’s that plain and simple, fair and square.
people whose outfits and style i like deserve my comments AND votes.
edit: I didn’t mean to sound that harsh.
everyone has a unique style of his/her own and i have no right to judge it.
what i meant was if someone’s style isn’t appealing to me, then i won’t write a comment or vote on his/her outfit.
make sense, right? opposites attract doesn’t work in fashion :)

pheeeewww…there goes my rant :)

i truly apologize if i sounded judgmental or offended anyone.
that wasn’t my intention at all :(
i wasn’t trying to point my finger at anyone.
everything i just wrote is based from my general observations.
people can agree or disagree with me :)

ok enough said.
have a great night/day, everyone!

purple dress from OldNavy
jean jacket from H&M
patterned silk scarf thrifted
black tights from Walmart??
green mary janes from Payless

Comments (24)

Peacheach on August 11
the skirt's colour I'm wearing right now is just the same, love it :D
Soulclaire on July 19
my vote for all your comment about chic i really think the same and sometime the style icon title have pro and cons it's something to show off and to make anyone wants to get that
nia on June 23
once again, i hope ur post will be realizing and make the others (have to) think about it :) cheers! we're friends each other not a rival!!
nia on June 23
yeah, u rock. i totally agrred with ur post!! isn't that too hard just give some points? how poor they are :( we just need some opinions or need some inspirations here, not for rival arena :( if i do like the style or something that very catchy in my eyes, for sure i'll give some comments and rate for the outfit :) btw, love the scarf and shoes!!<33
allyraleen on June 16
I gave you chic rate! I love how you blend the colors.. love the skirt so much. and the scarf too. I heard that Canada is verryyy cold. is it? but how can you just wear a legging?? i was just wondering.. lol. :) :)
KristaniA on June 16
laxmi27 on June 16
what a great outfit, you look so laid back and beautiful!
IslandChic77 on June 16
love ure post ...n i totally agree::) love this look n isnt payless great...suprising wat good finds are there
districtofchic on June 15
That scarf is a lovely touch.
Narmina on June 13
oh, forgot to comment the outfit))): I love the dress color and tights, as well as your scarf, looks so great!:)
Narmina on June 13
you are so right about chic votes! I really do not understand why people do not vote if they left a comment, I don't speak for my self votes, I mean, I'm quite self-critical,so I don't think that I look chic...But really, why not to click on this little botton?...From my part, I'm honestly saying-I always vote, even if do not have time to write a comment:))
alwaysinvogue7 on June 13
very nice! i luv that jean jacket!
HoneyBunny on June 12
You look totally cute! That dress is the colour:) Great scarf as well:)) And I totally agree with you on the chic votes matter, it's very very common..and weird for me......although I'm here for less than a month.
emokit09 on June 12
u really got ur point in that matter..sometimes i received PM comin from other chictopian to vote them. I dont know but other people here i believe does have other agendum on why they join chictopia..this community should be sharing of each others styles. Hope others are not defeating the purpose chictopia.
vianacoke on June 12
amen! i don't think many people realize that there is an option to vote, but i thought that was the whole point of chictopia in the first place? it's frustrating indeed.
an_nie on June 12
this is so cute & i agree with the comments & votes thing. tbh, i vote for myself sometimes to make up for the missing ones. lmao
pwincessbebe on June 12
oh i love the second photo, you look so cute. i love the color mix of your outfit, and those shoes, are sooo cute ! get well soon dear, ehm, me, if i dropped comment to someone, i would give him/her rank too. If i don't really like their style, i would give "good" rank. But at least i gave em rank, cause i appreciate them.
KristaniA on June 12
thanks for giving me your opinion on this matter!i really hope ppl dont think i was the one who's desperately seeking for chicvotes!i just think in general it's not fair for others to not get the votes when they already received numerous (+)comments:) i really think comments and votes go hand-in-hand.
pwincessbebe on June 12
I totally understand what you're trying to say, cause i've been through that situation a lot. hahaha. i was once felt lack confidence because of that too, i thought other chictopian didn't even like me. but then i tried not to think about it and just have fun. Once again, get well soon :))
i'm new to chictopia. and i just want you to know that you have a point there...i love ur denim jacket. :)
Jasna on June 11
So luv ur denim jacket and scarf!! = my chic vote xx Thank you for saying what you said, I agree aand have spoken to lots of people in the past who feel the same way, so thank u : )
ishayshaixa on June 11
really cute :)
lexi951 on June 11
love those shoes
Princeoftennis08 on June 11
Sometimes I see terrible outfits, and people comment love on them. :P But, I hope you don't get competitive. The competitive people will try to get Style Icon, then if they get it, they will just not care and slowly stop posting. Or, they don't get Style Icon, and get angry. Haha. You're doing fine. You have good style, and high popularity. And you're right. This straight blur looks good!
KristaniA on June 12
yea,thats why i admire those who're still posting on chictopia, like adeline_R,msRoboto,Starrgirl,QueenElizabeth,Playingwithfire and some others :)
Princeoftennis08 on June 11
It's because they weren't here to share their style and get inspiration from others. It was to show off and get a cool "Style Icon" title. Once they got the title, there's no point to stay, right? They don't care about anyone else's style. They don't need to try hard to get fans. We're the ones here for the right reasons. Don't worry, they don't need chic votes.... =P
KristaniA on June 11
thats exactly where i was getting at. chictopia has become very competitive. i feel bad for those who post regularly and only get (+)comments but not the chic votes:( i agree, some style icons stopped posting after they got the title. whats up with that?haha..
lexiiiipop on June 11
cute shoes
jeroy on June 11
i agree in yerr post. ilove everything on it
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