How to Wear Color -- Part 2

Updated on Jun 11, 2009

Comments (19)

laviniadan on February 16
love the scarf!
songbook2424 on January 28
You're hat! I love it.
ChristieREdwards7587 on January 24
Love the skirt!
dgcp on October 14
very cute! love the color combination!!
shamarmom on June 22
Love the look :)
puffins on July 21
so cute!!!!!!!!!!
danemaria on July 18
omg you are sooo adorable! the outfit is soooo chic!
ALX on July 10
love your hat and the combination of the colors here, so fresh, and vintagious :) lovely.
missocd on July 08
omg i loveee this!
Yahaira on June 30
So adorable!! great article..<3
lolavintage on June 15
I'm always nervous to be "too colorful" sometimes out in public! I hate that. Thanks for showing how to do it well! xoxo
Lilian on June 14
I second lydia's comment - these posts are great! I'm def guilty of being one of those black monochromatic chictopians. I've already started my transition & with your advice in mind I think my avoidance of colour may actually disappear! :)
CoedUgly on June 14
Glad to be of service! ^_^
mila on June 14
wow wow wow such cool photos.Love it!
melephant13 on June 13
I love love love color, and I think I want to try all these color combos too! If only I had tights in all these colors...:(
lydia on June 12
These posts are great! I'm enjoying all the different color suggestions...perhaps I will blind everyone in the Style Gallery. Just kidding...but I do want a little more obnoxious color choices after these posts :P
CoedUgly on June 12
I'd love to see that! :)
coldlight on June 11
love your outfit!! these posts are very informative :D
libys11 on June 11
im loving these posts!!! really informative!!! :D thanks a lot!
powderblue on June 11
Great posts! Pretty much basic theories that some of us would've learnt in school, just takes a little more effort to make good use of it. So thanks for the reminder! :)
missdtm on June 11
So cute!!! I love the 1st style the most.

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