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Updated on Jun 09, 2009

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jojac on October 18
love the combination
infamous on September 05
I hope i could dressed like you ! wow, you make me wanna loss more weight !
breelee12 on August 31
very cute style, i wish my guy friends dressed like this
anything_one_where on August 15
Discovered him on teen vogue and I like !!
RougeEtNoir on July 26
i love this boy's style for sure. he always looks amazing.
ellioe on July 03
love love love this outfit :)
hi_sue on June 10
love it!!!
styleseeking_nesli on June 10
you're easily the most fashionable guy I know in Switzerland and I'm always amused by how many looks you get on the street, just like today! :)
jeroy on June 09
OMY! my fave. =DD ilove evrything on it.. xoxo
amhenry on June 09
cute hair and hat!! great look i like it, i saw your blog and i add it as my fav =^) you really chic
lienrebecca on June 09
You style this really well!!!! chic..
styleseeking_mi on June 09
yes! switzerland can be fashionable!! ; )
simplymoi on June 09
i would love a boy with style like dont see it very often
twinkl on June 09
Yes, I would be very interested if I saw you walking around the streets... haha. Thank you for sharing some of your personal insights. It's nice to read your writing because you always look a little distant in your pictures :) Must be the eyes...
amoedo on June 09
he's so lovely

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