oh and did I mention it's SHINY?!?

Updated on Jun 07, 2009
black shiny Chic Rewards dress - black patent pumps Target shoes
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queenelizabeth 's Thoughts:

I was so excited on Friday when I saw a box from Chictopia sitting on my doorstep. Inside was the dress I redeemed a while ago from Chic Rewards. I wasn’t sure how it would look on me, but after playing around with it a little, I realized that the stretchy fabric, wide neckline, and drape-ability (yes, that’s a word) made it ideal for all sorts of sartorial shenanigans. Here are 5 different ways or wearing it that I came up with.

1. OK, so this is just what the dress looks like normally – the pleated details on the sleeves didn’t really come out in the photo (black on black = not so great) but they’re basically like batwing sleeves. I kind of enjoy how this photo looks like I have a short, stout person inside my dress sticking their arms through the sleeves.

2. Worn backwards, with the sleeves pushed up – This one is also fairly basic, but the extra fabric around the shoulders makes it drape really nicely (again, impossible to see). A good straightforward LBD kind of dress.

3. One-shouldered dress – I just put one arm through a sleeve and the other arm through the neckline along with my head. This ends up with really pretty draping along the side in a sort of Greek-goddess kind of way, you know, if they wore black lamé.

4. Long, drapey skirt – noticing a pattern here? The nice thing about wearing things in different ways is that they almost always have some sort of drapery action going on. If I wore this skirt in an outfit, I would always wear it with heels. The length is kind of tricky, proportion-wise, but (big surprise) the drapey parts at the waist look cool.

And finally…

5. Strapless romper – I had to pin this to my bra so it would stay up – I’m wearing the dress upside down with my legs through the armholes, so the hemline is at the top. The neckline ends up being kind of inconveniently placed, so some sort of safety-pinning is needed, but I really liked how the shorts had that interesting hemline.

I also wore it upside down, with the neckline around my waist, as a crop-top…but all the pictures were kind of crappy and the sleeves kept falling down. Other options included harem pants/shorts, a strapless dress, and a poncho/cape type of thing, but these 5 photos were my favorites, so…yeah.

(sorry for my awkward concluding paragraph)

Oh and! PS. Thank you Chictopia!!! I know my face looks kind of grumpy in these photos, but I’m really grateful, I promise. :)

Comments (27)

infamousegypt on November 24
i saw the very first picture and the first thing that came to my mind was; add a belt, and then you did! cool. The belt makes a world of a difference!
nay_myquel on February 09
chic && i love how u changed it up
thats_so_audrey on August 04
very creative.
Pardeese on July 22
oliviooso on July 11
Wow!!I really like this dress :D
donnaxmarie on June 17
this is amaaazing- talk about creative!
supernab on June 12
so creative! awesome looks
lydia on June 10
My favourite looks: backwards and one shouldered. GAH you made it look soooooo frickin' good, I'm glad you redeemed it!
najeema on June 10
You did an amazing job styling this. I'm so impressed!
carlaloo on June 09
This is perfect! Congratulations on this chic reward. Amazing! :)
poorandweird on June 09
That is BEAUTIFUL. the skirt is my favourite, what a fantastic shape !
helenz (@helenzhu) on June 09
you are the ultimate stylist!
CherryBlossomGirl on June 08
wow congrats on this chic reward. all these possiblities :)
YekkY on June 08
I LOVE the endless possibliities ;-P FAVED
plastikneon on June 08
It looks beautiful as its own, but it's wonderful that you can wear it so many more ways. Glad you got this chic reward!
maggiemay on June 08
gorgeous!! very versatile!
furrrampage on June 08
this is handy! very chic http://fuurr-rampage.blogspot.com/
youwhos on June 08
I love it! You look great in it and I love that you showed us its versatility or maybe you're just more creative than all of us...
classietrashie on June 08
You did a great job making that dress do so much! Great imagination!!
Fruchtzwerg on June 08
Great ways to wear your dress!
pwincessbebe on June 08
wow, so creative !!! i never thought one pretty dress could worn in different gorgeous ways !!! you are way so talented !! faved !
libys11 on June 07
OMG!!!! totally beyond perfection!!!! im telling you, anything as versatile as that should be in my closet!!!! aaaaahhhh!!!! so where is the dress from? this is so chic! :D
lizziem21 on June 07
wow I love what you did with this!
hessica on June 07
brilliant! most clothes should be this versatile!
kashuler on June 07
That dress is amazing. You would probably adore the AA Le Sac Dress. It has a million ways to wear it too.
Naso on June 07
i love !!! this sooo much your soo FAB !!! :D
lissakahayon on June 07
I love the 2nd photo and i love how you can wear this in so many ways!!!
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