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Updated on Jun 03, 2009
black Christian Louboutin shoes - white BCBG dress
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micchie 's Thoughts:

does brand means a lot to you?

let’s say if you have $1000, how are you going to spend it? with that amount of money you can buy 3 branded clothes or 10 clothes from random brand.

i will choose to spend it by buying 3 items that i love and cherish other than buying 10 items that might only be used once or twice or sometimes you even don’t have the chance of wearing it but feel bored already.

i used to spend my money with buying items from random brand, but since i started working i choose to spend my money wisely…save up some money and buy something that i feel proud of wearing it.

so before you buy something, think about is it just seasonal? are you really like it? will it go with the rest of your clothes? or think about is it better to buy something cheap or better save it for something that you’ve been lusting for long.

what do you think?

xo, michelle

Comments (52)

AndreeaDabija on March 28
onewingednishen on June 09
i envy you! you dress so pretty :)
gladys_c on June 09
beautiful, just beautiful!!
Immodestyblaze on June 05
ooh la la ! Soooo pretty.
beckyxoxo on June 05
aw agreed ! haha . nice look :D
mirb on June 04
cute skirt :)
Mikimic on June 04
simple and very chic!
marybeatrice on June 04
great outfit!!
KeshTatya on June 04
you look beautiful! great outfit!
mila on June 04
soooooo lady like!
fashiongeometry on June 03
i love your ruffle top! it looks really special :)
1234565 on June 03
love this crisp clean and beautiful look.
nawnee on June 03
i "LOVE" the classic look!!! it is really gorgeous :)
nadiakamballa on June 03
simple, yet gorgeous...
cocorosa on June 03
this is soooo cute!!! love it and this blouse is amazing!! <3
madeofnaf on June 03
well..as a student, id go for 10 different items with that $1000..on the other hand, if i was working, id definitely spend tt money on 3 pairs of gorgeous shoes.. btw you are so pretty!
morbidmuch on June 03
Mmm I'm always a fan of the latter. _Usually_ the bigger brands are made with better quality, too... Essentially, you're just about spending the same amount in a way. Cute outfit. ;D
YekkY on June 03
You are so pretty really... GORGEOUS!
MissRoLL on June 03
spend money wisely is really important and it is what I always try to be applied in my life...I always buy something after considering that the stuff that i want is worth it to buy...first, i consider the price...second, the quality (material quality, craftsmanship, etc)...btw, love this classic style...^^
WickedPlumVintage on June 03
dang it girl, why you gotta be so freaking awesome???? I want my own little Micchie that I can dress up....okay that souds kinda creepy....LOLZ!!!
Mjasin on June 03
Nice outfit,, esp. the shoes, louboutin..sigh, what bad critiques can u give to him? hehe^^ anw, I think we have the same philosophy here, I prefer to save up and buy a piece that I really love and reli nice (both design-wise and fabric-wise) and I can wear it in and out almost everyday. I also opt for playful pieces, so I can wear them in different ways and therefore longer :P
Princeoftennis08 on June 03
Hehe. I think I don't spend over $50 on a single item of clothing, unless it's something I can wear over and over again. Like, my Benetton coats, which are $250 apiece. You look great, as always. =)
NickieSIXX on June 03
You look so nice. I wish I could apply your buying discipline to my own life...but I always fail. I am so that person that just goes and buys the 10random things and wears it only 2-3x at the most!
nathanielt148 on June 03
very pretty and classic..and the ruffle shirt is really nice
jadeyoudk on June 03
i love the detail on your top!
bannana013 on June 03
I love this look! Very classic~ And the CL shoes are the best. You should be a style icon by now
etaira on June 03
i totally loveeeeeeee this ensemble. faved! once again.. :) and i totally agree with your post.. but for now.. since im a student + help my family with bills + have my own.. i'll be happy with being a bargain shopper:) LOL
jazzyhwang on June 03
this is a great outfit!! i agree with you on spending your money wisely, but you seem to have an endless closet! i'm so jealous :(
moniescloset on June 03
sooo perfect!
runwaydiva on June 03
very classy :)
umbah on June 03
i agree on saving for items you're going to love till the end of time! I love lady like outfits like this :) you look lovely and prim! x
seesturs on June 03
classic. what is your job?? just curious :)
runwaydiva on June 03
very classy :)
thriftnstyle on June 03
P.S. As for me, I just buy whatever I like:)) I won't be able to sleep thinking and thinking of something I see at the mall and didn't end up buying. But of course, when it comes to the basics and the classics, better save up for something that will be cherished forever:)) Like jeans, and shoes!:) And all the other basics:))
thriftnstyle on June 03
You look beautiful and polished:))
BadTasteToast on June 03
wow, you look so darling! this lovely secretary look really suits you!
Haylilly on June 03
very lady like, really pretty :) the ruffles on your white top is really nice too!! and i agree with the buying loved items instead of buying everything. although, you seem to own soo many clothes!! haha, you must buy everything!! :) jealous!
okiee on June 03
oh my God! christian loubtoutin!! how much? love your classy style here :)
vero29 on June 03
micchie you´re so chic here!!!
ajyums on June 03
i always think about the same question! whether its better to buy a single expensive item than to buy many more items at lower prices. its nice to read about your opinion. you have so much great stuff which are obviously quite pricey but they surely make you look great all the time. :)
nia on June 03
u always look chic! i love this outfit. formal clasically<3
HoneyBunny on June 03
very elegant:)
Jasna on June 03
I agree and I luv ur shirt!!= my chic vote xx
trishywishy on June 03
and nice blog :)
trishywishy on June 03
i love your top and skirt everythng :) chic micchie :)
castingwitch on June 03
love the skirt
kittenmirasol on June 03
I would definitely splurge on those items that I love than force myself to buy something else. Hehe. :p Btw, classy look you got there. :D
classietrashie on June 03
Ahh the detailing on the dress is amazingggg!! And I really like what you wrote about in the blog space. I'm the kind of person who buys 10 random things and then a week later I'm bored with them, and honestly, I never really thought about it before...I just automatically considered myself a "shopaholic"...
classietrashie on June 03
But what you said makes sense. I was never able to justify people who spent a lot of money on just one item, but now I understand! So great outfit and smart thinking! :)
pwincessbebe on June 03
classy look !! you look so gorgeous cie, adore your style. uhmm, i'm not a brand minded sih, jadi brand ga gitu penting buat aku. Tapi, barang yang aku beli selalu yang sesuai ama kepribadian ku, so, pricey or not, semua selalu awet di lemari. Tapi buat Chanel and those branded shoes, i'll absolutely save some money xD
Naso on June 03
i love the shoes !!!!!!! its sooo chic and simple everyone need a good heels like this !!! i love the look its really classic and you look stunning !! :D
fashfashion on June 03
i also prefer to spend my money wisely and buy something classic..and you wear it over and over again
igotsteeth on June 03
would also rather spluge on one item that 10 steals... thats why i'm saving up for my much adored valentino bag... i just love the black and white, you have this great classic look. I'm rooting for you to make style icon, btw!
micchie on June 03
thank you :)
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