How to wear wide leg jeans

Updated on Jul 24, 2008

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Ballarddavies on August 11
Nice Leather Jacket which you wear.I also like to wear leather Jackets..........
4everUSMC on April 30
love the jeans
MichelleYue on July 28
oh yesss. I totally have a pair of wide-leg jeans that need hemming and was about to start a poll on what to do with them. TY to EIU. haha
Le_Trix on July 25
I'm totally wearing my wide legs today!! WITH my schoolboy blazer! YES!! Also, wearing red lipstick. Thinking of you every time I have to re-apply!
stylecheckmate on July 25
wicked cute, girl!
KellyL on July 25
i love wide leg pants!!
anitadb on July 25
do i need to be skinny to wear wide leg jeans? i guess wide leg jeans don't go well with actual wide legs :-S
EverybodyIsUgly on July 25
Why do you think so? Technically they are wide leg, so if you have "wide legs" they would be covered. Just make sure the fit and proportion is there.
cettefille on July 25
yeah id love to link you on my blog [] im really excited to get my new profile up & going xx
EverybodyIsUgly on July 25
irides on July 25
It looks good on you, at any rate. I've a pair I've just been saving for later, except it's too hot to wear them out now.
EverybodyIsUgly on July 25
I kind of agree, except it gets really cold at night here these days.
Malinapoo on July 25
i like this wide leg pant look
fashionispoison on July 24
oh my. i love john travolta. lol.
kayli on July 24
oooh i really like your jeans :) they look really goood!
a_brightspot on July 24
i've really been wanting a pair of wide-legged jeans. but being 5'0 really doesn't help ): maybe i'll try those H&M ones with some nice platforms,ha.
EverybodyIsUgly on July 25
Yeah, H&M makes pants for petite people I think.
SteelCloset on July 24
Have you seen the Bell Jean billboard for Gap in the city? Way too much wide-leg on that ad. Too much wide-leg on that one.
EverybodyIsUgly on July 25
Oh I have bc I drive into work everyday and pass by it. I guess I am a sucker and I like it bc of the purdy models.
SteelCloset on July 24
I don't know why I repeated that last line.

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