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Updated on Dec 14, 2015
silver DIY top - sky blue thrifted pants
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AnnikaVictoria 's Thoughts:

Long time no fashion post! I've finally come to accept that the nature of my blog - and by extension posting on places in chictopia and lookbook - has fundamentally changed. When I first started blogging -- gosh, 4.5 years ago -- it was all about showing off my cheap fashion purchases. Slowly, DIY projects began to feature as I discovered my crafty side. Next, my blog became a platform for talking about science, and then a place for me to explore fashion from a more socially-conscious stance. 2 years ago, I toyed with the idea of making a Youtube channel and tentatively uploaded my first video. Posts slowly changed from "look at the stuff I'm wearing!" to "make the stuff I'm wearing!" And here we are today.

Because I began to spend more and more time on my youtube channel, I started to feel like I was neglecting my blog. I felt bad about this because, after all, my blog and its readers were fundamentally important to the initial success of my videos. But as video-making became more and more time consuming, blogging and outfit photos fell by the wayside.

But I finally am in a place where I don't see this change as a sad or negative thing. This blog has been an incredibly important space for me for the past 4 years - it's allowed me to express myself and my style, gain a lot of confidence, make friends, learn how to sew, learn how to communicate science, meet up with wonderful people, escape the daily struggles of living with a chronic illness, and so much more. Just because I'm not as active on it anymore doesn't negate any of that.

One really positive thing that's come from not blogging my outfits everyday is that it's given me a lot more freedom to play around with my personal style. When my content was all about my daily outfits, I always felt like I needed to stay "on brand". If I started wearing something completely different from my usual style, I thought that people would lose interest. I mean, I was always fine with playing around with different fashion genres a little bit, but I still had my set "style".

This, however, is soooo not an outfit would have ever worn previously. I'm not even wearing winged eyeliner!! (What!) I've started wearing snapback caps and pants! Sometimes I dress really minimally, with a simple black top and grey skirt! What?! But this has actually been really liberating for me - recently I felt like my style was in stasis and didn't feel comfortable in what I was wearing a lot of the time, so it's been exciting getting to play around with lots of different styles!

More photos and details on my blog.

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Taxiinberkeley on January 14
Great One.
impulsehome on January 04
hazelkrisferrando on December 19
Flowglo on December 15 via iPhone mobile device icon
Cute pants!
CarportsBrisbane on December 14
Nice Dress
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