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Updated on May 19, 2009
taiwan hat - london shirt - Express belt - taiwan jeans - Vans shoes
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silentscary 's Thoughts:

Am I the only person left on this site who isn’t pretending to wear heels everyday? lol. we can’t all be Karla Deras! :P

well, anyway, for those of you know never wear ‘dem sneaks, you’re missing out on a lot of chill fun! :)

anyway, i wore this my last day in Taiwan chilling with friends.
We walked all the way to the college to meet my friends, but they ended up not being there and so we walked back. On the way back, we saw them all ride by on their mopeds/bikes. They just waved hello, not realizing I had come to say goodbye :( I only got to say goodbye to one of them later that day… I was pretty bummed :///
I also wore this on my flights home later that night… pretty comfy, pretty legit :P
The 4th picture is Taipei by night… very beautiful! (yes, mwahah, I always use my camera during landing even though “all electronic devices should be turned off and stowed during take-off and landing”, hahah.) The final picture is just me playing around on my over-night layover in the Taipei airport (Taoyuan holla back!!)

oh yes! and new great idea! I will reward you for reading each of my entries by telling you about what music I’m currently digging. So today it’s
“Beggin” by Madcon

and “Soul Searching” by Ricky Kendall (

both are tight, but very different!

peace kiddos! two more entries coming soon!!!

Comments (5)

Ninahhh on September 02
ohh we do have the same vans !
bigung on June 19
oh there are soo many good ones! some of my fav. are Goong: Princess Hours, Boys Before Flowers, Hana Yori Dango, Hana Kimi (japan version is the best! crazy funny!!)..and It started with a kiss 1 &2 (which is Taiwanese)!.. if you don't know about the site already - it's a great site that has HUNDREDS of asian shows and movies! I'll have to checkout why why love! !!
bigung on June 17
love your style! especially this outfit! -- i enjoy reading about your trip to taiwan! i love asian tv drama shows!!! do you watch any??? some of my fav. are from taiwan! they are so funny and cute!
silentscary on June 17
OH MY GOODNESS!!!! You watch them too????? I ADORED Why why Love,... it brought me to tears about 8 times... the plot was like the most incredible thing ever... and now i'm falling back on Devil Beside You, even though it's pretty corny. :P what about you?????
chedax on May 20
refreshing entry. lol! digging the androgyny look! :D
nobutterfly on May 19
Love this outfit. Lol. your entry is funny. I wore gold tennis shoes today =)
nobutterfly on May 19
EasySpirit. so old! haha
silentscary on May 19
haha, sweet!! what brand?
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