Updated on Feb 20, 2015
black GoJane boots - black over the knee American Apparel socks
Black-gojane-boots-black-over-the-knee-american-apparel-socks Black-gojane-boots-black-over-the-knee-american-apparel-socks Black-gojane-boots-black-over-the-knee-american-apparel-socks Black-gojane-boots-black-over-the-knee-american-apparel-socks
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This may be my most versatile post so far... not even because of what I'm wearing, but because in all my posting history (I say that as if I were a professional blogger) I've never uploaded such a distinct array of pictures. Long story short, I was halfway through publishing this when I realized I hated how the images looked, especially the background, so I opened up Photoshop and as you can see, brainstormed the hell out of my mind to find ways to hide imperfections in the back; except for the .GIF, that one I'd planned way back when I saw how "ghostly" those last pictures looked. I'm so glad I decided to do this though, because even when I'd used CS5 on posts like my photography project or my The 1975 concert, I never used it to such extent and it was soooo fun coming up with ways to perfect the pictures. I might not do it very often, but I'm totally gonna try and keep up the edits, I just love graphic design and editing pictures gives me so much life ugh. Honestly the only reason some were left unedited was because they looked decent enough and I was just getting tired of the erasing of clunky edges and the search for perfect textures to replace dodgy scenes. Photoshop is definitely not hard to work around with, but it can be very time-consuming.
Also I know I'm posting this so close to Christmas and "man does this girl live in Halloween why such a gloomy outfit" NO I REALLY LOVE CHRISTMAS OKAY. The terrible weather here is gone, there are sales everywhere, people are happier because it's not 150 degrees outside and there's no classes, what's not to love about Holiday time? I'm actually showing this outfit since it's the one I wore to a Christmas party I went to about a week ago, so sorry if some of the efects and editing in the pictures makes everything look more The Grinch Who Stole Christmas rather than Santa Clause, I promise more cheery outfits next (maybe... I'll see what I can do... no promises).

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barbali on February 20
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