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Updated on Jan 16, 2015
black Zara sweater - green Glitterati skirt
Black-zara-sweater-green-glitterati-skirt Black-zara-sweater-green-glitterati-skirt Black-zara-sweater-green-glitterati-skirt Black-zara-sweater-green-glitterati-skirt Black-zara-sweater-green-glitterati-skirt
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joannaladrido 's Thoughts:

Now I have had a major obsession with maxi ball skirts but I never seem to find any in stores that I can buy an while this outfit is so very reminiscent of a blog post a year ago that I entitled, Emerald City, one major difference is the length of the skirt which for me, being the very particular person that I am when it comes to what I wear, was everything. It is very very easy to find a midi skirt and I have a lot of skirts of this length. I think they are all so pretty, I have perhaps a dozen in different colors and designs and I love wearing them... however, for more formal occasions, I prefer to be in a long skirt which a ball skirt provides for me. I have searched endlessly for a skirt like this and to no avail. The plus side of owning your own clothing brand and employing your own sewers is that I can basically have everything that I want made for me... exactly the way I want it to be and for that reason alone, I consider myself blessed. Now this skirt is absolutely a dream to be in... the pleats are marvelous, the way it flares out the way ball skirts are supposed to and the length are all reasons that have got me hooked on the design. (I am actually quite obsessed with it that I ordered to have 5 more made for me in the same design but in different colors...because that's just how I am.) While my brand, which I co-own with my FOSSIL Dominique is specializing more on Made to Order items specifically dresses for brides, their entourage, as well as for the teens going to prom and to debuts, I would love to sell this skirt as a retail piece because personally, I think every girl should have at least one skirt like this in their closet because it makes things easier especially when you need to wear something to a formal event and just don't want to think about it too much...don't you think? As for me, I wore this for Christmas Eve which, as a tradition for the past ten years and after five boyfriends, is where we spend our Christmas Eve dinner in...with a special degustation menu prepared for us. My family rents out the Magsaysay room and it's been an ongoing thing for a long time that I don't even have to ask anymore where we are going to for dinner as Old Manila for Christmas Eve is practically an institution already. We need to go there. Now I grew up with the people from that place. The servers, the managers and the chef all know me and of course, my list of allergies so I am always greeted so warmly by the lovely staff when I dash in. One major thing that they all noticed was how I was not in my traditional "White Christmas" gown



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TheSkirtedBoy on January 17
agree, Long skirts should be find on Every Girl's wardrobe. It fits on everyone who wants to be stylish :) love yours too, voted and your Thoughts are faved :)
jotei_elizabeth on January 16
@joannaladrido, love your skirt and you are so gorgeous
bkgurl36 on January 16 via Android mobile device icon
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