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Updated on May 11, 2009
Hanes t-shirt - thrifted scarf - free people pants - Elie Tahari shoes
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nobutterfly 's Thoughts:

With summer peeking it’s sexy head, who doesn’t want to bring their airiest tops and sheeny accessories? I’ve been so ready to bring out this shredded top since last fall (when i made it). It is a kid’s size M and was meant as an undershirt for my sweaters. But it tight and could ride up any second. One of my Puerto Rican friends from school, who is really into hip-hop, was wearing something similar after rehearsal. She told me to bring it to dinner. This was perfect to do when waiting for the laundry and while watching House MD!

Lots of people have caught on to this cool trend, and its origins are even cooler. Ripped, cut, and tied trends have been around since the early 80s or even earlier thanks to Hip Hop. Kids needed stylish and fresh fashion to get street cred but they could not always afford much more than tees, jeans, one or two pairs of sneakers, and shoe-laces. Lots of the tees used to have shoe laces too (think Spring 2005 Marc Jacobs =)

Oh, why I love the grass roots.

Con el verano sexy acercandose ¿A quin no le dan deseos de sacar sus franelas mas frescas y accesorios mas lustrosos de los baules?
He estado tan lista para poner a la luz esta franela destrozada desde otoño pasado (cuando la hice). Es el tamaño de talla mediana… de ninos. Se suponia que fuese una franela para ponerme bajo mis abrigos, pero me quedaba tan apretadita que no me sirvio muy bien.

A una de mis amigas puertorriqueñas de la uni le gusta mucho el baile de hip-hop, y llevaba puesto algo similar un dia después de su ensayo de baile. Le pregunte, me dijo que se la traiga esa noche a la hora de la cena. Pues destrozas esta franela fue el pasatiempo perfecto minetras esperaba que se lave la ropa y mintras miraba my programa favorito, Dr. House.

Este verano, las franelas destrozadas han alcanzado gran popularidad por ser una tendencia interesante. Lo que muchos no saben es que sus origenes son a un mas interesantes. Los t-shirts rasgados, cortados, y amarados son una tendencia que ha existido desde, por lo menos, los anios 80s gracias a la cultura del Hip Hop. Los chicos y chicas de esas eras necesitaban vestirse con estilo y frescura para que los respeten un poco en la calle. El problema era que no siempre les quedaba presupuesto para comprarse más que franelas, pocos los pantalones vaqueros, uno o dos pares de zapatillas deportivas, y cordones. Pues, alguinos de las franelas se hacien blusas y las hacian con cordones de zapato (No te recuerda a la coleccion de verano de Marc Jacobs 2005? )
Oh, como amo a los origenes.

Mucha gente desprecia a la cultura del hip hop, algunos por no saber, y otros por prejuiciosos. Pero el hip hop es el origen de muchas pasarelas de moda a las cuales los mismos que no entienden el hip hop, aplauden y visten creyendo que el inventor fue el disenador de pasarela. =)

Comments (16)

JenneaRenee on May 12
I really like your shredded top, also i love your pants. I've been looking to get some in that color but can't find any good ones!
thenewstylee on May 12
I'm gonna have to agree with the other comments: sweet shredding!
plparayno on May 12
loving the sandals love! x
mila on May 12
How do you shred your top so good??!! I`m jelous! :)
traversant on May 12
I love those shredded tops. I started on one but I'm too lazy to finish lol!
kashuler on May 12
Love that top.
me gusta, me gusta!!
pibilicious on May 12
I love ur gladiators! Its really shiny and bling2! Hahaha. Love this one very much!
cherryl on May 12
great job on the tshirt, it looks so glamorous! i love how the colorful scarf completed the outfit
rhoemzroom on May 12
2nd photo is so funny...i like ur way to have pose like that...loveable^^ur shirt is unique.....
nobutterfly on May 12
Ha, thanks! I thought i'd follow a serious one with something less so =P Thank you!
amorpassion on May 11
i really like how you shredded the shirt. i would never have the skills to do that :) nice scarf too!
nobutterfly on May 12
Thank you!
crashnebula on May 11
I love this! Im still working on my shredded tee, by the time im done with it the hype will be over...this look is very chic esp the scarf and the sandals they add just enough....scrolling through your looks I see that you have an exceptional style...keep it up
nobutterfly on May 12
This is so sweet of you to say! Thank you. With your body proportions, you I'm sure that you can make or rehype any trends. Thank you!
CutenotKawaii on May 11
That is one of the best shredding jobs i have seen. You also make the whole this look very, very polished. Your our fit looks like something a supermodel would sport between shoots. Superb.
nobutterfly on May 12
Wow, thank you so much. I am really honored that you said that. I never feel that stylish =)
nobutterfly on May 11
=D Thanks!
youngbones on May 11
love reading your posts, nice shirt. ~L
shugahbabes on May 11
that shirt is awesome
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