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Updated on May 06, 2009
vintage coat - H&M top - vintage dress - CVS stockings - Steve Madden boots - di
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queenelizabeth 's Thoughts:

Sooo remember how I bought some new shoes that I was super excited about? And then I never got around to wearing them because it’s awful and rainy outside and I couldn’t bear to let a drop of water touch them. Umm so anyways, here they are!

They’re knockoffs of those Balenciaga lace-up peep-toe crazyboots from FW07. I think a lot of people probably think these are hideous or just plain silly (my mom said they looked like “construction boots with a heel”), but I personally love them and will stubbornly refuse to listen to what anybody else says.
I mean, seriously, look at these things.

They lace up. They zip up. They buckle (3 times). They have a peep toe, cut-out heel, gold hardware, and rubber treaded soles. They’re made of beautiful soft leather (pretty rare for a Steve Madden knockoff) and, if you haven’t picked up on it by now, they’re pretty much awesome.

Oh and by the way, here’s a shout out (not really, but I’ve always wanted to say that) to the awesome people who work at DSW. Thank you for letting me use an expired coupon, and letting me get “$10 off a purchase of $50 or more” on a pair of $45 shoes. This happened when I bought my first pair of high heels there, too. Maybe DSW just tells its employees that the customer is always right, or maybe its cashiers are just the most awesome people on earth.

One more thing, though – I’m still trying to figure out how to wear these shoes. Is it better to wear them with something simple and plain, or a ridiculously crazy outfit? I’m sort of in the middle here (little black dress + tailcoat), but I’d like to hear other people’s opinions. Pretty please? ;)

Comments (41)

vro on June 07
Nice outfit and these shoes are really crazy!
courtneyandbobby on May 20
i just finished reading your entire blog and i must say that i really love your style! I also like how you experiment with everything. most people would be afraid to wear these outfits to school and what not, but you aren't and i love that!
chamcham on May 13
ooooh!!!!!! those shoes!!! loooove it!!
mimoji on May 13
Oh man those shoes are way too good to be true. Awesome coat/jacket too. :DD
hessica on May 13
ahh i love these shoes. i say wear them with something simple at first and then get creative and wear them with something a little more out there =)
nathanielt148 on May 13
so dope that jacket is crazy nice!..perfect look!
Franco_Fernandez on May 13
oh my god. im in love. the shoes. the jacket. my heart is BLEEDING love hahha! xxx
catknees on May 12
fantastic! the shoes are pretty amazing. but i'm drooling over the jacket, too.
oliviooso on May 10
Uh cool Jacket!!Love ur black dress too, and those heels are to die for!!
cosmicunion on May 09
the shoes are fab! =) urbanog has a similar design.. anyway the shoesss suits u well..
queenelizabeth on May 10
thanks! the funny thing is, I saw the urbanog version of these shoes and considered buying them, but these turned out to be cheaper (because of shipping cost) and better quality, yay :)
Dagger on May 09
Okay your jacket is the best thing in the world! Honestly! The shoes really rock too! Excitment overload! Because of the colour I'd say they'd go with actually go with ANYTHING.
rubysue on May 07
I like letting the shoe speak for itself by pairing it with simple stuff - but I might just be being a wimp! I do really like the lbd combo though.
Annabu on May 07
wow your shoes are WOW :)
kerolajn on May 07
yepp they'll b great ^^
poorandweird on May 07
dream shoe, right there.
kerolajn on May 07
they're awesomee i would wear them with some combined hippie sorta dress with florals and things like that and maybe wear a trench coat on top of it combined with lots of bangles =D
queenelizabeth on May 07
good idea, I was thinking of wearing them with florals...maybe when it's warmer out :P
antoinetteh on May 07
Loooooooooooooooove the boots and the jacket ! love it, love it, love it !!!!!!!!! see me on !
yayyraia on May 07
This is pretty awesome! :D
luxuryredsole on May 07
precious booty !!!!
cristocarballo on May 07
Love the jacket....^^
cositslove on May 07
the shoes are really amazing!
nia on May 07
great blazer. cute dress. hot shoes. then.. perfect style!!
graziebad on May 07
i love your shoes!
only_cheapclothes on May 07
INcredible, baby!!!
Jasna on May 06
Oh, yes, ripped skinnes or over the knee socks will look stunning with these boots!!!!!!!
queenelizabeth on May 07
Good ideas, i'm definitely going to try that soon! and thanks :)
Jasna on May 06
I am sooooo in love woth your boots, seriously have wanted a pair like that for ages!!!!!!!!!! = CHIC, CHIC,CHIC XXX
eve on May 06
my mom said they looked like “construction boots with a heel" yup i'm agree with your mom but......... for me your boots more cute n more stylish than construction boots!!!
lish on May 06
amazing shoes!!! i want!!!!
augustaLOLITA on May 06
gawd this whole outfit is insane!! i love it all!! those boots are killer=love it!!
naissacarmona on May 06
amazing boots!!!!! i cant stop looking at it! haha!
runway all the way!
AnnaKonduh on May 06
Love it! I wouldn't change a thing! Rock your boots if you love them! Thats how it should be! (doesn't make sense-oh weellll!) :)
Bex99 on May 06
Love the jacket and heels!
RobotAssasin on May 06
Those Shoes! : ) That Jacket!
lissakahayon on May 06
I waaaant your shoes!!!!!!!! *drooools*
elec_tric on May 06
i like them with the plain outfit, its like oh nice black dress and then you get to the shoes and its like BAM!!!
MarlaSinger on May 06
boots and jacket <33
ThursdaysChild on May 06
they are amazing!!!!! omg I love them. shoot I'd have gone into construction if I could wear something like that (even sans heel) everyday. but your mother sounds funny and lovely and critical, just like a good mother should be. but they're so awesome and you styled them perfectly. they are great with and without the tailcoat, so I guess that means they're versatile. who would have guessed?
queenelizabeth on May 07
haha yeah I never would have said these boots would be versatile, but you're right. and while it might not be worth it to become a construction worker just for the shoes (safety hazards, anyone?), their boots are pretty darn sweet.
crazyirishlass16 on May 06
i have to agree both these looks are great! i love these boots with either outfit : ]
calivintage on May 06
ho hum... i think that you can go either way with these because it looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g with that tailcoat. not too matchy and not too busy, just really fun! but at the same time, i can also imagine them with something verrry simple and bare legged. oh i'm no help now am i? hehe!
queenelizabeth on May 07
haha thanks, and don't worry, I'm the most indecisive person ever...but maybe I'll wear these with bare legs if I can get some of that beautiful California weather you're having... :)
maggiemay on May 06
great shoes love them!
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