Dreamy harem pants

Updated on May 05, 2009
H&M blouse - Pokomoto pants - Promod shoes - Zenith purse
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orsola 's Thoughts:

Hello chictopians,
sorry for the lack of posts but I’ve been quite busy the last two weeks.
As I already mentioned I was off to Milan for the furniture fair. I have to admit this year was a disappointment since I hardly saw something new and inspiring. It seems like the economic crisis has reached also the designers’ creativity.
When I realized there was no much to see from the design’s point of view, I decided to enjoy the city.
I don’t understand those who think Milan is awful. I like it and I love to walk around, discover vintage shops, nice courtyards, old villas and modern buildings. I had a couple of addresses I didn’t want to miss. The first one was the brand new Armani store in Manzoni street, close to the main cathedral. I read about it and I was curious to see the interior design – I’m quite keen in shops’ interior design lately. I was so disappointed! Apart from the collections, which are fine, sometimes great, sometimes just ok, I didn’t imagine Armani furniture could see so standardized and boring: glass and mirrors everywhere, all black and pure geometric forms. Anything new, anything surprising. The weird thing is that almost all luxury boutiques look like this. No comment.
On the other hand, I stared at 10CorsoComo. I’ve never seen such a beautiful place: it’s a space in the hearth of Brera, one of my favourite district, where you can find an amazing store (they sell Manolo and Louboutin!!!), a bookshop, a gallery, a design store, a restaurant, an hotel and a dreamy terrace. Really a place worth a visit! Check their website
Apart from the city I enjoyed lots of well dressed people: finally inspiration!!! Of course I couldn’t resist to go shopping. I wish I could buy more vintage stuff but the vintage shops are very expensive compared to other European cities. I’m still convinced you get the best bargains at flea markets where private sales take place and lots of people don’t really know the value of the things they are selling.

Here an outfit I wore in Milan. I love those harem pants so much. I normally don’t wear trousers but when I saw them I fell immediately in love and had to own them! They are from the local designers from my city -if you’re interested read the post about them here -
I got compliments for their shape from a Dior sales assistant as well :o)
I paired them with a romantic lace blouse in contrast with the masculine pants, flat gladiators and a huge bag.

Comments (14)

thesweetvanity on December 26
amazing pants !!
omg, i loveeee this outfit so much, your pants are too die for i want a pair so bad. & i love the lace on your shirt & your strappy sandals are so chic!
vro on May 06
Jaaaa die Hose is sooooo geil <3
veraangel on May 06
welcome back baby :-)).....great harem pants !
froschface007 on May 06
chic and unique:-)
JTV123 on May 06
love the outfit
Bex99 on May 06
lolz, this is gorgeous! I could never pull this off, but you look well great!
chedax on May 06
i love your harem pants! really unique!!
cfraisrudy on May 06
Your harem pants are great ! Fits you well :D
Jasna on May 05
Very chic! xx
elora on May 05
woah...those pants are far beyond "drop crotch".
morgiemoo202 on May 05
I definately love how you paired the masculine pants with such a sweet feminine top. this is so beautiful :)
WickedPlumVintage on May 05
omg those pants are EPIC!!!
nathanielt148 on May 05
I like the pants, the look comfortable!..nice top too
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