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Updated on Apr 28, 2009
Kookai shirt - Mango leggings - Furla purse - 80s plus boots - vintage from my g
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teeffany 's Thoughts:

I decided to blog to de-stress myself from the rigors of summer school. Im taking Political Science 100, History 165 and Environmental Science 10 this term and although I’m glad I got to cram 9 of these reading-intensive classes into my rather lax summer schedule, I cant help but feel the pressure slowly approaching.

Since the entire course is packed into just six weeks, I’ve already had one midterm and will have another on Monday, I have a long paper I’m terribly lagging behind on (about two novels I’m expected to have read in High school, but never took up because I never went to a local high school)- so in addition to everything else I have to READ those novels quickly and two group projects. All of which, are due by the second week of May. God help me.

I hate the anxiety and pressure I feel in my gut when I’ve got to have completed a reading due for the day and I only start highlighting and note-taking in the morning as I dry my hair and put on my make up by my mirror. I typically never procrastinate but nowadays, it seems inevitable! I need to revamp my study habits and straighten out my schedule as soon as possible or else I may implode…metaphorically… (or wait, literally too… I’m eating like crazy and neglecting my jogging and dog walking responsibilities. Tsk tsk)

Comments (8)

closetchopsuey on August 03
Your boots are so cute! :D I've been looking all over for cold weather travel boots/riding boots. You have the perfect pair! :)
theVT86 on May 28
Wow, you are taking some intense classes indeed! I love your look here. From the hat, to the bag, to your gorgeous dress, I love it all! Chic!
freya on May 05
That top has an amazing print on it!
teeffany on May 06
thanks freya <3
sharina on April 28
I love your outfit!! :)
Starrgirl on April 28
Your top is really cute! Hope you can keep yourself from getting too stressed :)
yandeli on April 28
i love it. :)(:
Champagne on April 28
Wow, that's a lot of work you got there. I hope that your able to get everything done without stressing out. Also I really really love your boots.
teeffany on April 29
thanks! they were a steal on sale in Hong Kong
Haylilly on April 28
ohh wow, are you in hk? i can tell by the background :) are you there for holiday or for your course or do you live there? gosh i miss it there! and by the way i really like the print on ur top, it's so boho!! :)
teeffany on April 28
thanks! hehe yeah! i was in hong kong for vacation its like my second is ammmaazing there
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