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Updated on Apr 27, 2009
Target shirt - Old Navy sweater - forever 21 belt - Goodwill skirt - forever 21
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lifeinsideamusicbox 's thoughts:

I actually worked up the nerve to take pictures outside! whoo! which means in my backyard where no one can for the most part see me, but hey. it’s possible my neighbors now think I’m crazier than they already thought I was.

no. but in seriousness it’s the most awkward self-conscious feeling, but so much more fun than taking pictures indoors. the only real negative was dragging one of our kitchen chairs outside to put the camera on (as I am without a tripod).

this is maybe a tennis skirt? some kind of athletic skirt (I’m the last person who would know more specifically) of indeterminate age (the tag simply says ‘sportswear’) that I found at goodwill. it’s a little short but also loose and thus flies up in the slightest breeze, so I ended up wearing fairly unnoticeable yet modesty-saving shorts underneath.

excuse the twelve different bruises on my legs, they’ve been popping up out of nowhere (I fall/trip over things like it’s going out of style, so that probably doesn’t help).

the shirt I got in the kids section of target, the way they size the girls large or xlarge is often just as good as a juniors small, only cheaper and generally better stocked. but it’s hit or miss so I always try things on there.

the weather is so freaking beautiful, all of a sudden. 70’s and 80’s. gah. which makes me realize April is almost over, which means May is almost here, which means I’m only about a month away from being 21. I should be excited, and sure, part of me will be thrilled to drink legally and so on but my fear of getting older is currently outweighing that. we’ll see how it goes…

eta – I included the third photo even though it doesn’t really show the outfit, I just like how it came out :)


dowhatyoufeelnow1234 on August 04
this is ccute, i like your orange shoes & belt! :)
overtherainbow on May 25
Very very nice. Ultra cute.
feketkutyak on May 09
I like this :) I have a little white sundress that I have no idea how to wear....maybe I will use this as inspiration. I'll post outdoor pics of it *I* ever work up the nerve to do it :) lol I prefer the secrecy of my bedroom...
Jasna on April 27
Love your cardi and pumps! = CHIC XX
lifeinsideamusicbox on May 01
aw, thanks so much!! :)
presidentp3 on April 27
cute shoes
lifeinsideamusicbox on May 01
cocorosa on April 27
love the belt and shoes :)
lifeinsideamusicbox on May 01
thank you!!
regerafael on April 27
hey! advanced happy birthday!! ;) and i miss looking through your page, hehehe. i love the whole outfit!! you look so awesome and adorable.:)
lifeinsideamusicbox on May 01
thank you!! aw well I always love your comments, you're so sweet! :)
banaANAS on April 27
you are adorable! haha love the outfitt and the 3rd pic also and happy almost bday, mine is almost here too so your a couple of days lder im guessing since you are from may, i am from june. :)
lifeinsideamusicbox on April 27
thank you so much!! hmm probably I am, my birthday is may 30th so right at the end :) when is yours? (happy almost birthday as well!)
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