She's getting pulled by the opposite side...

Updated on Apr 27, 2009
black top - black Topshop shoes - black jumbo 255 Chanel purse
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joannaladrido 's Thoughts:

Friday night and we scheduled the Friday night traditional dinner + drinks A-session which was pretty fabulous. I’m obviously deviating from the SUMMER look since the weather has been bipolar(like my fashion sense) and it’s been raining nonstop considering its supposed to be the hottest days of the year. I hate rain and worship all things bright and shiny…like the sun. So I am so hating that the rainy season came too early this year!!!

Everyone’s been getting tanned lately while i’m getting fairer and fairer and I thought to myself that I’d give anything to have a tan line I can show off hahaha so after much anxiety and thought, I decided it was time for a beach trip on labor day (in my country it’s celebrated May 1) and I am beyond psyched. I have over 25 new bikinis to wear to the beach! hahaha I’ll be going with friends and fellow chictopians Naissa, Lissa and Nina and more to go all out sun, sea and sand!!!

I’ve been stuffing myself with A LOT of junkfood lately since I am visiting my cardiologist tomorrow and I don’t think he’ll find it amusing that I lost weight yet again. He drew the line at 110 lbs but miraculously neurosis got the best of me and I plunged deeper to 93-94 lbs… to my dismay. I’ve been eating everything carbohydrate and buttered I can go and be a member of the International Butter Club! So basically what I do is I eat eat eat nonstop everything i can see that Im not allergic to, which limited my food choices to only 10 types of food. Haha.

I missed my tutus as much as i missed chictopia! So I resurrected the tutus for summer (because me and tutus are like toast and butter) and wore this tutu skirt designed and created for Glitterati. It comes with the matching backless bejewelled top too! So ballerina meets Barbie(who turns 50 this year!!!)

I AM BRINGING CUPCAKE CLOTHING BACK!!!!! And I don’t care if everyone is going boho luxe now. I shall tutufy myself regardless of season and temperature. (It got humid by night time and it was a price to pay for fashion!!! Tulle and sweat don’t mesh well together!!!!)

Everyone is going to/ has gone from Boracay and posting pictures everywhere I am sooooo envious! :) Oh well,perhaps in 4 months, when I’m cleared to ride in an airplane. I cannot bear to go via boat since I have the worst case of seasickness/ motion sickness since I also get it in cars!!!

I got my share of FLYING CHIHUAHUAS or Tigers at Fez today. But Triple J (Jam Juice in a Jar) still rules for me~ I’ve been craving for beef stew… it’s so weird! Anyway, I think I grew out of the clubbing scene since we ditched that and 4-5 parties more and had a quiet post-dinner coffee, ice cream and Kahlua for Nina at the lobby of Manila Peninsula post-Serendra. We are sooooo growing up it’s scary! Orchestra over Hiphop are the early signs of aging! What’s next? Ladies who lunch???

P.S. A Shoutout to Tracy and Patti of JAM 88.3 who interviewed us for their STYLE 101 radio talkshow on air! I love that station I swear! They play the best Indie Velvet Underground-esque music in the world!!! Such fab people! xx


The room’s green
It’s got writing on the wall
It’s got one chair
It’s kinda small

Dirty shoes
Running past the door.
And then you go round
Beat yourself up,

Ten minutes to go,
And I wanna go home
Ten minutes to go,
Yeah, I’ve got to go home
Ten minutes to go,
And the air, it don’t feel clear
Everybody disappear, you’re
In it on your own

Intimidated, and she’s just fourteen
She’s getting pulled from the opposite side,
Until it breaks down
Blame it on the wrong crowd
Stay, more make up, hair dye

Ten minutes to go,
You know she should have gone home
Ten minutes to go,
Yeah you should have gone home
Ten minutes to go,
And the air, it don’t feel clear,
Everybody disappear, you’re
In it on your own

You can’t sleep,
You know it’s over but you just can’t sleep
You’ve gotta face it,
Gotta go outside
And do the day-walk
Living with the lights off,
Ain’t nobody home

Ten minutes to go,
You know you wanna stay home
Ten minutes to go,
Yeah you wanna stay home
Ten minutes to go,
And the air, it don’t feel clear,
Everybody disappear, you’re
In it on your own

Keep your head
Keep your head
Just keep your head
Keep your…

You wanna keep – ah
Keep it on the right side
If you know your gonna be coming off
It’s gonna make you open your eyes
I said, now, open your eyes
You know it
You wanna keep – ah
Keep it on the low side
? Yes you gonna see ten minutes to go ?
And your keeping it heads up
Keep it low, be right
Push it kinda low

So, open your eyes.

Comments (34)

marchako on August 01
NathaliaV on August 01
DeeBurns on February 20
Omgitstiffduh on February 19
bjkdAnc3r on March 17
kazariensweets on July 09
loveeeee it! <3
MAV on May 22
stylerara on May 07
lovin' that black tutu!
chamcham on May 04
OH I LOOOVE THIS LOOK :) really pretty :)
gladys_c on May 01
gorgeous clothes, beautiful legs!
Jasna on April 30
I am adding this to my favs! = CHIC XX You will lose weight no matter what you eat when you are stressed because your body burns everything you eat, good luck for everything though. xxxx : )
NASTYGAL on April 29
you look lovely of course!
lish on April 28
love the halter top paired with the tutu! it looks so feminine and classy. you really look like you lost a lot of weight...which i think is a good thing for now since you're going to the beach. =)
u_ung on April 28
cute tutu!!
teeffany on April 28
i love the outfit. its super cute... i really LOVE your bags, you have excellent taste
trishacamille on April 28
cuuteee. i like the haltered top! the beading totally puts an accent to the whole outfit.
crankychiica on April 27
i love ur tulle skirt! very chic!
presidentp3 on April 27
agreed this is fab
kooffy7 on April 27
u are always fabulous! im so happy u gurls would finally get ur much awaited beach trip.. i cant wait to see ur future chic photos at the beach.. :D enjoy!
cocorosa on April 27
gorgeous :) you look stunning as always :) :)
libys11 on April 27
another all black ensemble perfection. it's great to see you back in your tutus. i missed this! :D
lissakahayon on April 27
JL I love all black on you, I haven't been to the beach as well which is why I'm so so excited on Friday!!!! See youuu!!!!! :)
elec_tric on April 27
that tutu rocks!!!!
Yahaira on April 27
Love the tutu! great party look. <3
naissacarmona on April 27
I didn't realize you were wearing a tutu that night... Well maybe that's because we were sitting the whole time.. haha! i love it!! really cant wait for our beach trip!!! I'm so excited already..:)
peanutbuttergirl on April 27
love the tutu skirt! you are a very chic person
lifeinsideamusicbox on April 27
gorgeous!! definitely revel in the tutu-wearing, they suit you wonderfully. I adore your shoes!! they are fantastic. also I love the ting tings, and keep your head is my favorite song of theirs!! awesome song, perfect outfit :)
vro on April 27
Black is so classy and you look so chic, fabulous outfit my dear! I'm obsessed with the Ting Tings and especially like that song you posted ... everytime I have too many things spinning around in my head I remember to "keep your head" :)
msrawr on April 27
michaelstevens92 on April 27
This outfit it stunning. I love every bit of it.
xs_ on April 27
ladies who lunch! you always look so divine. I think girly chic put it really well. you look very striking but not in a "you can only get away with that on the runway" sort of way. gorgeous!
illuminaire on April 27
really pretty tutu skirt :)
girlychic on April 27
gorgeous in black! i love how theatrical yet wearable your clothes look.
aNIKaP on April 27
I love your tutu's! They always look so chic on you!
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