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Updated on Apr 26, 2009
sam edelman boots
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blonderedhead 's Thoughts:

so, i went thrifting yesterday with no plans to buy anything. i ended up buying some sweet studded sandals, a perfect pair of pants turned diy shorts, and these sam edelman fringe boots. all totaling less than $75 bucks.
in addition, while in “out of the closet”, i saw the dali lama go by in his motorcade. mmmm cops on harleys.
i regularly wear these jeans on weekends, so no big surprise they have made yet another appearance on chictopia, but they went well with the boots. i could have worn shorts, but it’s so chilly in the shade in sf.
i also bought the book “vegan cupcakes take over the world”. it has the best recipes ever, and it’s worth the perusal of those who don’t care if they eat dairy or not. you won’t believe how good vegan cupcakes could be! i’m sure i’ll post some of my attempts soon. (have i mentioned i love baking and rock at it?)
speaking of, maybe im eating a little too much of what i make. my thighs are showing signs of fluffiness, so back to the gym i go. i’m getting this grad school thing down enough that i can manage to fit in time for the gym. i have 2 months before my visit to the hot, muggy, humid wasteland that i love: iowa. im hoping to get a big tattoo on my ribs when i go. (did i mention i have a tattoo?) oh the things people don’t know…
oh and, i’ve become obsessed with the makeup tutorials by smashbox on youtube. i’ve learned to do a daytime smoky eye, as well as a rocker/party/night time smoky eye.
anyway, i tried to post a clearer pic of the boots in the second pic. it’s hard to see the fringe.
hope you all had a good weekend!


Comments (9)

FrogInMyThroat on June 04
the ripping in those jeans and the fringe on those boots...wonderful!
zoay13 on June 04
i love your outfit here i want everything!
TheWonderShop on May 05
nice everyday outfit...but i really love your hair!
cayleem on May 04
i ♥ those jeans!!
morgiemoo202 on May 03
love it!
tokigurl on May 02
love the ensemble!
NickieSIXX on April 30
I'm jealous of your perfectly ripped jeans, they're awesome!
andbeyond on April 27
That book is incredible. They really do turn out as tasty as they look in the pictures, everybody goes crazy over them. I've made the Mexican hot chocolate cupcakes, the chocolate peanut butter cupcakes, and the banana split cupcakes so far. I'm making the Lemon Blueberry cupcakes, and the Chai Latte cupcakes this week =] I have all of Isa's cookbooks, she is a vegan goddess. Love the boots.
micchie on April 27
great jeans dear :) and cute boots as well
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