Updated on May 30, 2014
white fringe H&M vest - black ankle boots Heavenly Couture boots
Black-ankle-boots-heavenly-couture-boots-red-snakeskin-wet-seal-shorts Black-ankle-boots-heavenly-couture-boots-red-snakeskin-wet-seal-shorts Black-ankle-boots-heavenly-couture-boots-red-snakeskin-wet-seal-shorts
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I guess no matter where you are, day-night, summer-winter, my place or yours, I'm always going to complain about the weather. Kansas, you're super humid and you can't decided on what type of weather you want; California, when it's Spring it's Summer. When it's Fall it's still Summer. When it's Winter, it's still Summer. It's Summer 24/7, 52 weeks, 365-freakin' days. I'm doomed to stay in my room with the curtains closed and binge on old cartoons on Boomerang (I could have possibly just done that today).

I have some exciting news! I'm finally enrolled back into school after a 2 year break! I know when I read back on this when I'm near finals I'm just going to be like, "fml, I don't want to be in school anymore. Just get me Del Taco's chili cheese fries and strawberry lemonade and I'll be good everyday." But for now, I'm beyond excited. It's like one step closer to my dream job(s), I still can't decide whether I want to become a PR or a Buyer, hehe. I'll tell you guys my classes once I school is a bit closer, but I am majoring in Clothing and Textiles and then hopefully transfer to FIDM to continue my educational journey. Anyone else have major plans with school or closer to fulfilling their dreams? And any tips for my major, job choices, or just school? I'm all.... ears??? Maybe eyes is a good choice lol.

So I've been diggin' the bohemian vibes I've been seeing all over chictopia and other bloggers like Courtney of The Style Playlist and Eugenie of Feral Creature, that it's just starting to rub off on me. I love the laid back look with different textures and the look of putting on every single jewelry that you own (that's what I did lol). Since it's been so damn hot, I wanted to put something together so even after I'm done taking pictures, I can still go out and be comfortable. I haven't worn my David Bowie tee in awhile so I paired it up with some snakeskin print booty shorts from Wetseal, my booties from Heavenly Couture, and my awesome, oh-so-cool H&M knitted fringe vest to complete this casual look. I'm pretty sure this is one of my most laid back looks on my blog lol.

Also, I'm doing an Bohemian IFTU for my next blogpost so if you would like to be featured, send me an email with your looks and blog name to get a chance to be featured! It's a great way to connect with other bloggers and get great exposured! So make sure to email me with the subject "Bohemian IFTU" to AlexisSplash@gmail.com. Can't wait to see lovelies! ♡

P.S: Is there anything you would love to see a video of? Outfit hauls, Tags, daily routines, challenges?

xx AlexisSplash


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Uberreste on January 18
so cute!
justyagirlT on June 12
Just love your effortless style!
CarefreeContessa on May 31
great writeup too!
anonymours on May 31
bkgurl33 on May 31
awesome look
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