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Updated on May 05, 2014
leather Zara bag - Zara blouse - floral print Zara pants
Peach-leather-zara-bag-neutral-zara-blouse-sky-blue-floral-print-zara-pants Peach-leather-zara-bag-neutral-zara-blouse-sky-blue-floral-print-zara-pants Peach-leather-zara-bag-neutral-zara-blouse-sky-blue-floral-print-zara-pants Peach-leather-zara-bag-neutral-zara-blouse-sky-blue-floral-print-zara-pants Peach-leather-zara-bag-neutral-zara-blouse-sky-blue-floral-print-zara-pants
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ohhcouture 's Thoughts:

My dear friends of sunny spring days,

isn’t it wonderful how we can influence our mood by what we are wearing? Unlike my dear mother, I do not have a very good eye for the small signs of nature (such as the first tender buds of spring flowers), signaling the rebirth of spring. For me, it takes more, I kind of need a real “spring statement” – such as my photo print pants! I mean honestly, could a piece of clothes contain more signs of spring? Blue sky, flowering trees and even a few birds fluttering around my legs! Even I can read these signs and understand “ohh, it’s spring!”☺ And that puts me in the mood to go out for a walk, sit down in the sun and enjoy an ice cream (of course there is always a reason to have ice cream, but in winter I prefer to eat in a well tempered surrounding!;) Heeeeello Spring, I’m ready for you! :)

I must honestly say that I am basically a great friend of flashy pants with picture print and still have a few beloved pieces in my closet, which I will be happy to introduce you soon! Such a piece already seeks a lot of attention and, therefore, I combine it with “calmer” basic items. Of course, I do not want to demand too much of the observer – the outfit should be fun and not “exhausting”!

As a consequence, I always look for beautiful and high-quality basics in black, white and nude to add to my wardrobe. When I wear pastel, I particularly like to combine it with nude. Why? I’d love to tell you! :) During my classes at university we talk a lot about colors. And pastel tones are basically “sweet” and “childlike” – because you take a basic color (such as blue) and add some white to it. As a result, you have a pastel color and it’s a “sweeter” version of the basic tone you started with. Combining the “sweet pastel” with black therefore creates a strong contrast. In order to get a light and harmonious look that really looks like spring, you can simply add nude instead of black!:)

I hope you already have had the chance to enjoy the sun and I hopefully you feel inspired to go out and wear a bright outfit that makes you feel like spring! :)

Yours Leonie aka. the Spring Fairy

PS: A heartfelt thanks to my amazing friend Alex, who slipped into the role of the photographer for the first time in order to support me! It was so much fun – I hope I will be able to “book” her again soon! :)

Comments (12)

Mersi on June 02
so cute love it
Veronica_Kravtsova on May 28
You are so pretty)
Anouk_0501 on May 23
stunning trousers!
mizshaazstyle on May 08
So awesome!
Puss_in_Boots on May 06
gorgeous pants!
HenEvia on May 06
I really like how the pants and the nude of the rest of the outfit work together. I guess being attentive to your classes really pays off! :D
OanaGabrian on May 06
Love your style!
anonymours on May 05
super cute :)
LittleBee on May 05
Those pants look soo fun. I need to plan a trip to Zara soon...
channierie on May 05
Love this combo! Really fresh and easy on the eyes. The pants are amazing too!
lookfortheoccasion on May 05
beautiful look
lookfortheoccasion on May 05
adorable pants
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