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Updated on Apr 28, 2014
blue Bottega Veneta pumps - white Zara skirt - black dignitycloth t-shirt
Black-dignitycloth-t-shirt-white-zara-skirt-blue-bottega-veneta-pumps Black-dignitycloth-t-shirt-white-zara-skirt-blue-bottega-veneta-pumps
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cindykarmoko 's Thoughts:

I never claim myself as a fashionista, because i really think i'm not. I just love fashion and i believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. At least in my honest opinion, price could be super deceiving sometimes, and a brand's prestige/ hype will be the number one priority of our generation. Yes yes i know, i don't have all of the money in this world to splurge on everything, and my wishlist is longer than the great wall of China, but I'm grateful. It's a thing to look fab when you wear all of the designer's items from head to toe but it's a whole other level of fabulous-ness if you could make a super cheap item looks super amazing and expensive. I love to challenge myself just because my mom told me to always ALWAYS be grateful and if you could use anything that you have right now, the universe will give you everything that you want in return, when you're ready of course.
Today i mix everything up, from my DIY beanie, to Streetwear brand, amazing Indonesian local brand, fast fashion brand and last but not least high end brands like Bottega Veneta and YSL too into my outfit. what do you think? i think my upper body is cindy from the block and my lower body manage to look like a lady. Fashion is fun and i'm proud to say that i wear something because i love them not because everybody love them too. Dare to mix everything up too?

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iamhk on April 28
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