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Updated on Apr 21, 2009
Hanes shirt - American Eagle jeans - Converse shoes
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silentscary 's Thoughts:

Ok, so I’m not making this entry to showcase any especially cool outfit. Instead, I am making it for the following 2.5 reasons:

1) To show you guys this t-shirt I DIY’d last week. It used to be a sad, ill-fitting rag of a t-shirt, only suitable for skateboarding or bmx, but then I was reading Lucky Mag and really wanted a shirt with shoulder cutouts, and I thought back to this shirt. And viola! the rest is history. In addition to cutting holes in the shoulders, I also cut off the rims of each sleeve, and the ribbed neck. Then I took the fragments and tied them to make the straps on my shoulders thinner. The ribbed neck also makes a cute bow if I decide to tie it around one of the straps. The shirt might look a little bluhh with this, but I’ve also tried it with some shiny jewelry, a metallic skirt, and black heels, and it looks super TIGHT. ok. moving on.
2) To talk about breakdancing…. yesterday I hung out with Kris (my breakdacing teacher/friend) and her crew. We went to the gym and she taught me a whole bunch of new moves. After a few hours of intense dancing, I went to dinner with Kris at a friends house. After dinner Kris had to teach a class, but we were both so full and totally not ready to do more dancing. So we crashed at the dorm for a bit, and I introduced her to EmergenC (those packets of vitamin C that dissolve in water)!!! I always do two packets when I drink it, so that meant 2000mg of Vitamin C for each of us! So, we left for the class, and danced for another few hours. Later she came up to me and said, “Wow!!! I think the drink really worked!!!!!!!” hhahahahhahah.
2.5) To show you my “little bity, baby-step of a move” that I am working on. Hahah, It was quite a scene trying to get the picture where I am on my hands and knees! I had my camera on my tripod with a 10 second timer. So I would press the button, run in front of the camera, hoist myself up, and try not to make a completely horrible looking face. That might not sound very hard, but let’s see you do it, FOOL. (hahah, just kidding, sorry)

Comments (8)

snugz on April 22
Great moves!
joannaladrido on April 22
trishacamille on April 22
nice nice! very gangsta! haha!
shadowplay_ on April 22
You look great in these jeans! I used to try and pull off the boyfriend jean look... but I could never do it. Kudos. :)
agaska1 on April 22
Simple <33 I love this !
aklame on April 22
dig the cutup shirt, totally jealous because that never works for me. I always end up either with ribbons of shirt or something that shows waaaay too much skin. first photo is probably cutest face I've seen all week. =)
silentscary on April 22
hahaah. that sounds pretty funny..... maybe instead of cutting it up, you could try doing somethink with fabric paint or spray praint or dye, etc? Thanks.... I'm flattered.... I feel like I just won some award or something!
hippiehoppie on April 22
you are such a cutie!! :)
silentscary on April 22
why, thank you! :)
xs_ on April 21
awesome. taking that pic with a self timer is heroic. I hope we can still be friends when you are a b-girl. great DIY tee too... and always lovely photos.
silentscary on April 22
hehehheheehe yea, I'll come to LA to battle and you can be a VIP.. HAHAHAHHAH. Thanks babe!
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