Loko Yu skirt

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Grid Over-Skirt by Loko Yu

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Updated on May 30, 2014
Loko Yu Skirts

Loko Yu's unique Grid Over Skirt is a great statement piece to add to your favorite body con. This stiff mesh, over lap skirt with velcro fastening is guaranteed to give that wow factor. Team with a pair of platform ankle boots and prepared to turn those heads. Unique clothing all the way for all of our babes who love exclusive, cool clothes!

More About LOKO YU Clothing...

CAGECITY Handmade showcases talent from young and up and coming designers and the Loko Yu brand displays a vey distinctive monotone, with strong, angular structuring and unique texturing, with an edgy androgynistic appearance. The collection consists of timeless classic pieces ideal for any wardrobe. Each piece from the collection is individually crafted by the designer's for an exclusive item that will not been seem anywhere else but CAGECITY. With the best quality fabrics, it is a work of art from design to creation, stepping away from the mass produced clothing of todays fashion. We like to think of it as high street couture, beautifully crafted yet affordable. So as a CAGECITY customer each of these garments are designed with you in mind, with our own individual CAGECITY twist.

Material:  Poly Mesh
Condition:  NEW
Size: One Size
10-14 days
10-14 days
10-14 days
2-10 days
10-14 days
Mexico, Central and South America
10-14 days
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