the unexpected visit

Updated on Apr 20, 2009
Marc Jacobs shirt - Pimkie skirt
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anitadb 's Thoughts:

last friday i went out of the house, crossed the garden, opened the car door, and freezed. Something was looking at me. A dog. It was standing 10 metres behind the car, and neither of us knew if the other had friendly intentions.
“Who the hell are you, dog? How did you get here?”
The back gate was open, so it had probably come through the fields. My voice sounded friendly enough, because the dog walked towards me with a happy face. I don’t particularly like dogs. I don’t like the smell, the drool.. cats are soft and fluffy, and most of all they don’t jump on your brand new silk skirt with muddy paws.
But this dog looked so sweet and happy to see me, that i had to touch it. I went back in to call my grandparents in case they had heard of a missing dog among the neighbours, but nobody answered. When i went out again, the dog was sitting in the car waiting for me, as if we had driven around together every day for years. I was a bit sad that i had to leave to work, i wanted to keep the dog in the garden until i came back, but he kept following my car out the gate and i didn’t want him to be crushed on the road. I had to close him out of the back gate. He didn’t say anything, he just followed me as i showed him out, and disappeared in the fields.
I still hope he comes back.

Comments (6)

poshmom24 on May 11
that blue top is really cute! ^_^
thefieldsofelysium on April 24
DOGGY!! (i'm often rendered incapable of proper speech when faced with massive cuteness.) i, too, am a cat person, but now and then i'm a sucker for dumb, loving puppies (including my own). now that i'm done being distracted, i adore the colors in your outfit. (and is that a dragon tree?)
aivanmagno on April 20
AMAZING PHOTO!!!!!!!!!!!! awww.. cute dog! I hope you'll have it soon and you'll take more pictures of it.. :D
libys11 on April 20
love your top! :D
micchie on April 20
What a sad story,..I'm a dog person. If I were you I will keep the dog. Hahaha... Anyway,...I loveeee your outfit :)
xs_ on April 20
this is a heart rending work of prose! *cries* ... is that an actual photo of the little guy? he looks so cute and firendly. anyway, I will assume you write for a living. and I hereby nominate you for "chictopian to most likely make me fucking cry icon" ... (btw, rad photo of you too! I like the way you've worn the marc blouse over the pleated skirt, to kind of temper the drool inducing power
anitadb on April 20
hahaha, i was thinking of an ideal skirt, at least it's what always happens to me with dogs, they seem to be irresistibly attracted to new, clean, crisply ironed clothes.. my old 3 € skirt didn't cause any drool ;) and yes, it's really him, i managed to take a photo before going. I also needed proof that i wasn't making up excuses to be late for work ;)
xs_ on April 20
inherent in a plaid, pleated skirt. !!! :D
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