a case of the mondays.

Updated on Apr 20, 2009
Forever21 sweater - Forever21 dress - vintage scarf - Target shoes - Forever21 a
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thegirlwhonevertalks 's thoughts:

alright so you know those days where you just feel like being completely comfortable and don’t feel like trying when you get dressed?

well today was one of those for me. i hate those mornings because i usually end up wearing a pair of jeans and a tshirt or sweatshirt. but, i have found the cure!

so basically i have taken a simple long, blue cardigan and long white tank/dress (which are pretty darn comfy) and played around with ways i can wear them. they are almost as comfortable as sweats if you don’t mind crossing your legs all day and the two can end up being pretty cute (in my opinion)

picture numba one:
i added a pale pink scarf tied around my waist as a belt that i found in my grandmas old stuff to add some shape. i also added a pretty simple bird necklace to add some interest. its very simple, but pretty effective/

numba two:
i buttoned it up so there isn’t so much “negative space” (can i even use that phrase to describe an outfit?) and added a “jew scarf”. i’m not being anti-Semitic here, thats just what all my jewish friends call it. haha i don’t know the real name, but yeah, a shaggy scarf. again, extremely simple and comfortable.

numba three:
i added my long string-cowl and the necklace, along with some boots. any kind of longer scarf would work in this case.

numba four:
i added some brightly colored tights. it adds a pop of color and kind of dresses it up a bit (for as much as this outfit can be dressed up). i also belted it around the outside of the cardigan this time. i love belting :). i feel skinnier when i belt ahha.

numba five:
what i started with.

rachael xD


scio on June 02
first. sweety.
maggiemay on May 10
great ideas! inspiration for early morning lectures
aNIKaP on April 22
Inspiring post! I've been wanting to buy a tank dress but feel that because of my large mexican hips they don't look good on me, but the cardi over the dress gives a slimming effect!
thegirlwhonevertalks on April 22
haha exactly my thoughts. gotta love those cardigans :)
mbonilla85 on April 22
Nice variety!
calivintage on April 22
love it!!!!! i am especially partial to your first photo! very chic! :)
ChloroformPerfume on April 21
I love the idea with the scar-belt-thing! ^_^
littleredteaspoon on April 21
What a lovely array of outfits! It's amazing how far you can make your clothing go with the addition of accessories, etc. I love your purple tights in particular!
lissakahayon on April 21
Adorable, i love all the looks!!!
libys11 on April 20
loving the versatility. i need to find a go-to outfit aside from my jeans and hoodies too.. tsk tsk. hahaha! love the blue cardigan! :D
jazzyhwang on April 20
i love all the ways to wear this!! and your wall is really amazing!
shoppher on April 20
great creative ways to wear the same pieces. I like the first one the best
ThursdaysChild on April 20
also... your wall is amazing. I love it!! as much as your five outfits. I'm favoriting this post! such a good reminder of how to use accessories to totally change an outfit.
ThursdaysChild on April 20
amazing!!! I love all the combos you made out of ONE pairing. also totally know what you mean about belting.. .sometimes I feel it's like "look dudes I DO have a waist... right here... it was just hidden by my baggy sweater/shirt, promise." plus two striped of darker color along the side also have a slimming effect. Not that YOU need it!-- with all your long limbs and minimal flesh.
thegirlwhonevertalks on April 20
haha thanks so much :)
nihonfleur on April 20
great blog! I love easy/comfy combos like this that are still really cute AND versatile.
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