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So even though i love sunglasses, unlike my friends i dont own like 20 pairs of desighner shades or anything, im not that kind of girl. i prefer owning 1, 2, maybe 3 good quility pairs that are sturdy and will last me a while (and that actually do their job at protect my eyes from the sun! i hate those sunglasses that are barely tinted!). BUT i also dont have such a high budget for sunglasses; mine is at most like 20 bucks for one pair. So obviously i dont own any disghner pairs, tho im sure those are of better quility, but and i dont plan on buying them any time soon. So im always on the hunt for good qaulity pairs, at a low/fair price. I ussually get mine from Urban Outfitters, but some of them break within a week of purchase, while others last me a long time. The quility w/ their shades is always iffy for me. Also i like this kind of shape:

Does anyone know what that shape/style of sunglasses are called? for some reason i’ve never known the exact name for that style, thats always left me confused, lol. So yeah, can anyone help me find sunglasses in that style (tho i am open to other shapes too. And any color and/or pattern is fine), at a fair price that ussually come in good quility? Or does anyone know any stores that sell good sunglasses? I live in NYC btw, so if anyones knows good boutiques or thrift stores in the city..? kk well thanks chictopians-and srry this is so long! :)

posted almost 8 years ago

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