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First, a small rant: I recently moved from Japan to Los Angeles and I shipped a lot of my things home via surface mail, which was delivered to my boyfriend’s apartment by the US Postal Service. I’ve been receiving my packages piece by piece in the past couple of weeks, and today I received the last one— except when I looked inside I found that half the contents had been removed and replaced with things that are NOT mine. In place of two space bags full of all my winter clothes, I received a random American flag-printed bedsheet, a bunch of men’s toiletries, some gym shoes wrapped in old socks, a cassette tape with a braille label, and a buttload of Halloween candy— I guess just random stuff customs or whoever threw in to make the box meet the original weight because they weren’t paying attention to what went where. (Even though I clearly labeled on the box that it contained CLOTHES— not that other junk!). I have no idea who this stuff belongs to or who has my stuff now. NOT cool. I lost about 20 items in total, probably more than $300 worth of clothes. I insured the package so I’m hoping I can collect on that (but I might not even be able to, because I’m no longer in Japan and have to send someone in my place to file the claim!) and use it to buy new clothes, but there’s a couple things I’m concerned about finding direct replacements for.

I think the one thing I’m saddest about losing is the cardigan I like to call my “Dad sweater,” because it reminds me of a sweater my dad has worn since I was a kid. It wasn’t an expensive sweater, but it was one of my favorites.

So, my question:
Do you know where I can find a cardigan or sweater in this style?

It’s a brown-grey wool with brown “woven”-looking buttons and suede elbow patches. Here’s are some pictures:
Here (pay special attention to the pictures of elbow patches and button details— those are the details I like best about it)

I got the original one at a Forever21 in South Korea last year— but as we all know it’s not like Forever21 carries the same stuff again each season. If you can point me to a store, website, etc, that sells a sweater like this, I will be forever in your debt!

posted over 6 years ago

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