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So it has been mentioned a few times on this site and indeed, all over the writing you find associated with fashion that everything is cyclical, has been done, and is planned out seasons in advance. Trends are forecasted like the weather and a whole bunch of label-clad gurus sit and decide when to bring what back in.
The obvious response to this is to do your own cherry picking, choosing from eras, shapes, fits and styles to create your own particular look, which can be as on trend or chase the rainbow as you want.

The question and purpose for this forum post is:

Can we come up with a comprehensive list, with descriptions, of every relevant trend and style from which to pick?
Some places to start would be the trends from different the different decades, what’s worth keeping around.
I have great faith in the community here that you’ll be able to compile something prodigious.

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i would start with shoes and work my way up the body.

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This sounds like such a great idea/project.

I can see this getting really unorganized/chaotic though…but we should def. start this!

(Shoes up sounds good…)
And maybe start from the earliest decades to present. (Start with 20’s or perhaps even before that).

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this seems about as opposite of disorganized and chaotic as one can get, but ok, as a starter there is

1920’s : dropped waists, beads, fringe, galoshes, cloche hats, bobbed hair, feathers, headbands.

1930’s : ?

1940’s : more structured, menswear inspired clothes

1950’s : ultra feminine shaped, exaggerated tits, hourglass figures, floral patterns,

now 50’s on things kind of start to fragment because you also have your beat poet look, the new wave look etc

and from there we get into the craziness of the sixties where there is mod, hippy, suburban (think the graduate) and then the disco madness of the seventies, and the powerful business suit types in the 80’s as opposed to the street look with the acid washed jeans and neon colors.

the nineties brings us grunge and the naughts bring the ugly
which brings us to now

common looks i have left out,

geek chic, victorian inspired looks, edgy rocker stuff, minimalist, boho (i mean can someone please define boho? please?)

anyway, i am a pretty poor source for this kind of information and seeing as we are surrounded by fashiony types maybe we can get more informed input…

posted over 9 years ago

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