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One of my good friend is going through a hard time because she just started dating this guy and this guy wants her to dress more like Brooke Hogan (I laughed but he is serious!). She is pretty tall but also got some booty and boobs.
Her boyfriend thinks that showing the womanly shape would be the way to go. However, she dresses more like…Zara, Californian casual, simple, clean — sorry I am not the best at describing stuff…
When she came out to have lunch with me wearing an Ed Hardy T-shirt, I literally had a tiny heart attack. It’s because it’s sooooo unlike her.

For me, it’s kinda hard to wrap my head around this idea of changing your style because your significant other wants it…

What are your opinions?

posted almost 9 years ago
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Style is an extensive part of one’s Personality or individuality. A person is familiar on a social origin or nature, through his sense of style , fashion and division. But i agree with this line that “Eat whatever you like but Wear that everyone like” So yes we have change our fashion or style to significant for other.

posted over 4 years ago
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I’m LOL-ing so hard right now. I have a friend who goes through this every time she dates a new guy. I think as a good friend you have the duty of reminding her what her true personal style is and why she was comfortable with her style in the first place. Then she can decide if she really wants to stick to her new style. Btw, someone who is wears Zara should not be taking fashion tips from a guy who thinks Brooke Hogan is a style icon.

(Honestly I don’t get guys. It’s like if you were really bothered by style to begin with, why even date me?? )

posted over 4 years ago
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