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1 color. The color of each pearl is a really different. Fake pearl color is the same. (Imagine the most like the twins are also slightly different.)
2 sense. Hand touch real pearls, you feel very cool. If it is false pearls, there is no feeling.
3 fire. Burned with a lighter true pearls, pearl luster intact, not damaged. In the case of fire, and fake pearls generally have black smoke emitting from dull.
4 price. Do not believe it was a very low price to sell you a very good pearls, no one likes losing money.
5 teeth bite. With the teeth bite really pearls, you do not feel very smooth. If your bite is false pearl, you will feel very smooth, if you even harder, it is possible that you will bite off fake pearl coating.
6 bounce. Real pearls from the 60 cm height off the glass, anti-jump height of 35 cm. Under the same conditions, imitation pearls, imitation pearls rebound difference.
7 magnifying glass. Through a magnifying glass, real pearl surface texture can be seen its growth, fake pearls do not grow grain, only see the coating.
8 Friction. Friction between real pearls, you can feel a sense of Shibuya. Fake pearls feel smooth after friction with each other.
9 knife. Defective in the pearl knife gently scraping a few places, after scraping the surface layer and the same beads, compared with the real thing. However, this method is not the best, easy to undermine the pearl luster.
10 solution. The real pearl into the acetone solution, the glory as usual.
Imitation pearls under the same conditions, only 1 minute, full-gloss loss.

See the picture below

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